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Dec 23, 2007 08:11 PM

Is "sanding sugar" the same as what Domino sells as "superfine" sugar?

Does anyone know?

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  1. I don't know what Domino sells (not a place in my area), but "sanding sugar" is the opposite of "superfine". It's actually larger than granules than regular sugar. It has a course texture which gives that nice texture contrast on cookies. Sometimes it's in different colours.

    1. Yea, like pescatarian said superfine sugar is different. Superfine is sugar that has really fine crystals so it dissolves faster and creates a better crumb in most cakes so it's nice to keep around if you like to bake a lot (it also creams a lot faster.) Sanding sugar is a coarse sugar usually used on things like pie crust- I actually use turbinado sugar or sugar in the raw rather than sanding. It has the same texture and I heard it's better for you but I just like it since some people use it in their coffee and it's nice to have a sugar that can do more than just give crunch to pie crusts. Just steal some packets of sugar in the raw from starbucks or something if you don't want to buy a gigantic bag.

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        Thanks for the info. I had a feeling that superfine was not the right stuff and I actually do have it in my cabinet.

        I'm not a Martha Stewart fanatic (her projects and recipes always seem to have a bazillion steps, the very antithesis of two other food show hosts who shall remain nameless, but who have been villified on this site), but every once in awhile, usually for the fall/winter holiday ideas, I do buy her magazine. I decided to make these little icing-covered cone-shaped cupcakes (think Christmas trees) as part of a dessert platter to bring to a friend's tonight, as I always make something semi-over-the-top as part of the platter. After the trees are covered in little icing stars of creamcheese icing, they are supposed to be dusted with sanding sugar. Mom had something from King Arthur," which she uses to make palmiers, but the chunks are kinda large. And I saw what is labeled as sanding sugar elsewhere (and looks like the sparking sugar, but smaller grains), but unfortunately, it was pastel-colored, not white. When I searched on the King Arthur site for sanding sugar, what came up was "baker's special sugar," sounding in the description like the Domino superfine. But the photo of the bag mentions the word "sanding." Of course now I just put in the word "sugar" and it shows both "coarse sugar" and "sparkling sugar," the second of which appears to be what I am looking for. There's always next year...

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          And then there is the very glittery sugar that is sort of flat like like flakes that comes in every color imaginable that Wilton's sells.
          Don't feel bad, there are allot of different shapes, sizes and colors of sugar.