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Dec 23, 2007 07:41 PM

Santa, will you bring me orange bitters?

Hi Everyone.

I have a special cocktail recipe that I first had at the restaurant at the Getty, and I was all excited to have it as my "house cocktail" on Christmas day. (Junipero gin, Cointreau, orange bitters, topped with a splash of champagne) Only thing is, it calls for orange bitters. I live in the Glendale/Pasadena area, and I can't find orange bitters anywhere! Not at BevMo, and even my beloved Top Line Liquors. I'm hoping I can find them tomorrow, so that I can serve my special drink...any ideas where I could find them locally?

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  1. Stirrings makes a decent blood orange bitters. I've seen it at K&L in Hollywood.

    1. I buy Stirring orange bitters at How's market in San Gabriel, which has a great, well-edited wine and liquor selection (not to mention Alexander's Meats, one of the best butchers in town).

      1. I think I saw Fee Brothers orange bitters at Surfas.

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          Yep, i just got my Fee Brothers Orange Bitters (they also have the other kinds too) at Surfas! Really adds an edge to my lemon drops :)


        2. says they have orange bitters at the Pasadena location. You can purchase it online and have it waiting for your pickup at the store.

          1. I've had that cocktail at the Getty Center, and it is wonderful!

            Try Stirrings brand Blood Orange can fond them at upscale groceries.