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Dec 23, 2007 06:39 PM

Christmas Eve late night options?

Is there anything besides fast food joints and the usual 24hr chains?
Alot of places are closing at 8 or 9, anything open til 10 or possibly even later?

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  1. every place around here is closing up about 6 or 7, which is why i'm firing up the grill this p.m. for some burgers!!! (my favorite, wife's gift to me, she hates them).

    I'd think, though, that surely there are some bar/grill type places (albeit probably not chains) open in downtown urban areas for those w/o kids; but didn't you know that Santa won't come see you if you're not in bed early??? Tsk...tsk...

    1. Even Denny's and 7-11 put locks on their doors so they can close for this one day a year.