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Dec 23, 2007 06:27 PM

Romantic dinner...

Soo, trying to think of a romantic place to bring my boyfriend this week--we'll be in LA from Dec 23-Jan 2 and Id like to take him somewhere with a view or a cozy nice feel atleast...

I had previously been to geoffreys in malibu and thought this was wonderful...just something about staring into the ocean and the ambience...the food was nice too i think, from what i recall

If you have any suggestions that would be great, price isnt so much an issue but we may go at lunch if its an ocean front location--just to be warmer in the sun and enjoy it all more.

Any type of food is fine...yummy seafood, japanese, italian...etc

I also know of a place in pasadena i had heard great things about...supposedly a really small cozy restaurant??? Any thoughts on this incase the ocean front view idea doesnt pan out?

BTW Im in brentwood area so anywhere in malibu, etc would be fabulous but am willing to drive to OC etc

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  1. moonshadows - bring a sweater, and sit outside. a bit closer in than geoffrey's. i don't think the food at either is all that - but the views are to die for.

    1. How about Capo on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica? Small little place, good food (Italian and seafood) and very romantic. Zagat rated. Don't think they're open for lunch...but I could be wrong. Afterwards, you could go for drinks at the Viceroy hotel - very trendy and chic bar.

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          In Pasadena, you might be thinking of the the Raymond, which is a cottage:

          Capo IS romanatic; Capo is also very expensive. Valentino's (Italian) in Santa Monica certainly doesn't have a view but it is romantic, as is further inland Sona (French) and Providence (seafood). Orlotan (French) is also considered romantic.

        2. Second Saddle Peak.
          Inn of the Seventh Ray (lovely!)
          Chez Mimi (in Santa Monica)

          None of these have ocean views, but Saddle Paek has a great dining area inside and out, Inn of THe Seventh has lovely heatd outdoor garden (the most lovely in town), Chez Mimi has a romantic courtyardf and romantic cozy indoor fireplace room and west is atop a tall building with nice views.

          1. I like Geoffrey's for a romantic excursion up the coast. The drive along San Vicente's mansions and then the jog to the coast and up PCH is fun for a visitor. Geoffrey's is gorgeous nestled above the high cliffs -- a bit chilly these days for outdoors and the sun sets early so I'd go for lunch or a very early dinner. Food can be good, if a bit expensive, but really isn't completely the point. Moonshadows is indeed a bit closer in and is right on the beach, and has had its ups and downs in terms of food and ownership over the years.

            I'd grab sunset drinks at the Penthouse (the old Huntley Hotel) on 2nd a couple blocks north of Wilshire. For dinner after, my choice would be Chinois on Main -- the senior Puck restaurant, great tasty food with everything to share, wild decor, and a vibe.

            Other tastes of L.A. near Brentwood: Go to the minimall on the N/E corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Brockton (a couple blocks east of Bundy). Share a buck taco at El Super Taco, the al pastor or carnitas, mostly to sample their amazing habanero salsa mixed with the salsa roja. Then have lunch at Monte Alban a door or two away for Oaxacan food at great value.

            Do a chicken taste-off: Get a half-chicken with pita and the amazing garlic paste at Zankou on Sepulveda just south of Santa Monica Blvd. Then compare it to the chicken at Reddi-Chik in the plaza off San Vicente at 26th, where you can also get fries.

            Bay Cities Deli -- on Lincoln in Santa Monica just north of the 10 freeway. Everyone talks about the Godmother, but I prefer the meatball sub, a simple turkey and cheese, or the poor boy. Fantastic crusty rolls, and the hot side has no lines and great daily specials.

            If he's not from an area that has them, gotta treat him to a double-double at In'n'Out. I think the closest is in Westwood Village on Gayley. After your burgers, you can drive around the block while he stops into Diddy Riese for 3/buck cookies.

            Other possibilities: Nook Bistro is my favorite restaurant on the westside. Tucked into the back of a minimall on Santa Monica Blvd. at Barry.

            Tacos Por Favor has nicely stuffed tacos for just under $2 if you are heading towards Santa Monica -- on Olympic at 14th. I like the al pastor and carnitas but they are known for their chorizo and cheese. Great salsa roja on their salsa bar.