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Nov 1, 2000 05:15 PM

In search of good fresh mozzarella

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I am in search of a good fresh mozzarella. I have not had great fresh mozzarella since I lived in NYC. If possible, I would prefer a cheese that is prepared on the premises, so I can get it when it is as fresh as possible.

any leads?

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  1. Try Say Cheese on Hyperion b/t Griffith Park and Rowena - if they don't have it they should know who will.

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    1. re: Lisa B

      The mozz at Say Cheese is usually pretty stale. And freshness is pretty much key--the Italcheese brand, which is vacuum-packed in a heavy-duty brine, does keep for a while, but bears almost no releation to the real stuff.

      There is a guy in the Harbor City area that makes decent mozzarella, and La Brea Bakery gets deliveries a couple of times a week--call to find out the days. And don't miss the fresh burrata from the same guy, which is to die.

      1. re: Pepper
        dc in los feliz

        Thanks for all of the good leads.

        I tried the Italcheese, and confirmed that it has little resemblence to the real thing.

        I am still considering ordering, but most of the kits I found have pretty expensive shipping rates attached, so that the price per pound is outragous.

        But, thankfully, I can confirm that the La Brea Bakery does indeed get some exceptionally fresh and tasty mozzerella cheese a few days a week. I didn't get the exact schedule, but, oh, was the cheese ever good. Just the right balance, with a great salty flavor.

        Thanks again.

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      Melanie Wong

      Have you considered making your own? That way you can eat it while still warm - the best! It's not hard to make from store-bought curd that you can keep on hand for your next moz urge.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I have never seen curd for sale. Where can I buy some? The best pizza is made with fresh mozarella, when it melts it makes little pools of cream.

        1. re: Larry
          Melanie Wong

          I'll confess that I have not tried stretching my own yet. Have watched it demonstrated several times and it looks pretty easy. The best part, of course, is eating it while still warm. Super with Austrian pumpkinseed oil and some sea salt. My friend Catherine Cora at Postino restaurant in Lafayette makes fresh mozzarella every day. When you do it yourself as she does, you can make custom shapesm, rolls , etc. When cherry tomatoes are at their peak flavor, she stretches the mozzarella around the tomato to encase it was a thin layer of cheese, then pinches it off to make a bite-size morsel.

          Here's a link to the Egg Farm Dairy which ships frozen curd.


      2. Huell Howser did a feature several months ago about a dairy farm up the San Joaquin Valley which makes mozzarella out of water buffalo milk, which is supposed to be the way it is done in Italy.

        I can no longer find the place where I wrote down the number of the company, but you may be able to find out how to obtain it in L.A. if you call KCET and speak to someone connected to the Huell Howser program, "California Gold." Just a thought.

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        1. re: Ron Hay
          Chuck Sanford

          Here is what you are looking for. I have been to the store and have bought cheese here. As they say in every damn restaurant,coffee shop and fast food joint, "enjoy"
          Bubalus Bubalis Inc.
          18207 S. Broadway
          Gardena, CA 90248
          (310) 515-0500

          The place looks closed. Knock on the door or go around to the back. They are very nice people and the cheese is great!

        2. I found it! Water buffalo mozzarella is available through Ital Cheese (see They are located in Gardena at 400 E. Alondra Blvd. Phone is (310) 515 1481; Fax (310)515 1094. Through them, you may be able to find out where to obtain it locally.

          The history of this company is fascinating. Check out California Heartland-Program 301 on the net.

          1. m
            Michael Messier

            New England cheesemaking ( an interesting catalog with kits and equipment. They sell a mozzarella and ricotta kit for $20 that is said to make 30# of cheese. You supply the milk. Mozzarella is supposed to be one of the easier cheeses to make.