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48" gas (dual-fuel) range: Wolf vs FiveStar vs Thermador vs Viking vs Dacor

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Remodelling the kitchen and finally have space for a 48" gas range. Narrowed down the choices to Wolf vs Five Star, as these are the brands that are available locally. Other brands available are: Thermador, Viking, Dacor.

Comments on these brands? Any clear favourite? Dealbreakers on any of these brands? Any brands I should hunt down and bring in?

Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Look at Blue Star before you leap.

    1. The "standard" configuration of the 5 Star 48" is a much better value than trying to order a Wolf with the same options. Probably a $3K difference...

      Viking is even less of a value.

      Thermador & Dacor are essentially the same in that size, and both are quite overpriced.

      If you can find a BlueStar in your neck of the woods I would think that would give the 5Star a run for the money.

      BTW -- You really ought to double check the 48" range -- you end up with one decent sized oven and one puny one. Many folks prefer getting a 48" cooktop putting storage below and have dual ovens located elsewhere -- easier and more flexible to have two 30" ovens...

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        Renov8r, Dacor is overpriced if you pay the retail price. I dealt directly with the store owner and received deep discounts on everything including the range hood. Because of space concerns, I elected to put in a Dacor wall mounted oven and a Dacor dual fuel range. (I really like the electric oven with gas broiler--a great feature.) Check Viking's customer service on e-pinions.com before purchasing. To anyone remodeling, don't pay retail; bargain with the store and purchase some things directly on line. (i.e. www.designerplumbing.com ) I saved about $5,000 using this approach.

        1. re: Leper

          I wanted to weigh in on a comment you made. I'm insisting on a 48" range BECAUSE of the smaller oven with the bigger oven, and because my husband liked the indoor grill we have had on the Thermador 48" previously. We are a two-person household, so I like having the smaller oven, I don't need to heat up a large oven when Steve and I just want food for ourselves, yet I still want a larger oven so when we DO have family, we can make a turkey or larger thing if we want to. The smaller oven is just the right size for sides, dressing, pies, and other adjuncts to a large holiday meal, without having to open the big door on the bird or roast. THAT's why the small/oven large/oven combination works well enough for so many people that it's pretty much a standard and it's harder to find the one large oven. If I was going to put in the two wall ovens most people do, I'd just have a cooktop, and save about 5 grand not having 3/ or 3 1/2 ovens.

        2. re: renov8r

          Thanks for the comment.

          So far, we've narrowed it down to Wolf vs DCS vs Five Star. We're thinking of getting a gas range.

          I like the DCS because the 48" range comes with a full-size oven. That's what we don't like about the Wolf. I wonder why they just don't make a full-size oven on the 48".

          Will definitely look into the ranges more. It's the holiday season and most of the appliance stores are closed for the holidays. Unfortunately, we (in Vancouver BC) don't have a Bluestar distributor here, so we haven't had the chance to take a look at BlueStar.

          Any comments coming will be appreciated!

          1. re: jayes

            I am pretty sure that the current DCS 48" has the same configuration as the "GE Monogram" item, as well as Electrolux and "Kenmore Pro-Line" 48" ranges. Complex take-overs and manufacturing agreements. This might give you some flexibility and/or bargaining room.

            As to "dealing with the owner" or internet pricing, even the wholesale price on many of these brands just does not represent a good value, while I suspect that some dealers do occasionally sell a group of appliance for an attractive discount, having local service and an local installer that will help to resolve warranty issues is a huge factor.

            1. re: jayes

              I was quoted a very attractive price on a BS cooktop by DeWaare& Bode in Bellingham. It might be worth the drive to check them out.

          2. if you have the room, get the 60" range. you will have two full size ovens. i just bought this so i am hopeful it is on par with blue star.

            1. While I cannot speak to price on any of the brands, my parents got the DCS when they upgraded their kitchen and my mom loves it. She is a great cook and loves the full size oven. She also got a double wall oven since she cooks for large crowds.

              Lastly, I would echo renov8r's comments about dealing with a local dealer/installer. I develop houses and have seen many people get a "great deal" from the internet or a brother-in-law and then go through big problems when things go wrong.

              Happy shopping!

              1. UPDATE: Looking at more ranges and thinking of our kitchen configuration, we've decided to eliminate those 48" ranges that do not have a full-size oven. This eliminates Wolf (weird-sized ovens!) and Fivestar.

                In the running still: DCS, Dacor. I really would love to see a Bluestar, but unfortunately, we do not have a distributor here.

                Any comments on these ranges would be appreciated. TIA.

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                1. re: jayes

                  I have a Dacor 36" duel-fuel, so I can't comment on the 48", but I love my range. It's also my first "real" range, having only lived in rented houses before.

                  The stovetop is awesome and puts out major heat. My husband hates the starters, b/c they do this annoying clicking noise, but apparently that's been fixed in the newer models. You can get a great griddle that covers two burners, and I use all the time.

                  The only real problem we've had in about a year half, is that the broiler broke, on Thanksgiving. My husband thinks it was my fault as the oven was so completely full, there was actually a casserole dish touching the broiler I think. But the service guy was super nice and diagnosed the problem and then my husband ordered the parts and fixed it himself.

                  The oven itself is great. It uses the broiler to help pre-heat and is up to any temperature in less than 10 minutes. The only minor thing is there isn't really a way to turn the convection off. Which I thought might be a big deal, but hasn't been for any use so far.

                2. I would definitely check out the Blue Star. I had to call back east where they are manufactured to find a distributor to demo it for me. I did end up driving about three hours to have it demonstrated.. It is a far superior product to Viking-Wolf and DCS. Viking gets all the buzz and you see it in many high end kitchens, but it is inferior. The repair record is bad and the performance of the burners is not as good as Blue Star. You can have a variety of BTU for the burners and they can be arranged in any configuration on the Blue Star stove. I am a professional cook and baker and think that function should come before hype. DCS, though a good product, has "sealed" burners and although that is attractive initially, the spills will permanently mar the the burner. The open concept is easier to clean and the provides a better flame.Check out www.homeforums.com and get on the kitchen forum for all advice.

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                  1. re: zinfanatic

                    I purchased my 48" Blue Star back in April. I live in LA and there were no Blue Star distributors here, but I had been interested in Wolf, Viking, and Five Star. When I finally saw the Five Star, I decided it was not for me--it was lacking in many areas. I purchased my Blue Star sight unseen because I had done so much research on it and those burners--oh, those burners!!! My husband and I love our Blue Star and would not recommend anything else. It is amazing!! And I agree with the sealed vs. open burner comment above.

                    1. re: erayofsun

                      Ditto: wife and I purchased a 36" all gas Blue Star range and have had not complaints whatsoever - the drip tray is great, and the ceramics are the most easy to clean I've ever seen. We also got a Dacor convection wall oven, which is actually where we do most of our baking. It's nice to be able to fit the world's largest turkey in the Blue Star and then turn around and throw four commercial baking sheets in the Dacor...Incidentally, the price of this combination was what Viking wanted for a single 36 inch range...

                      1. re: raleighgourmet

                        We are purchasing a range for our new house and have looked into Blue Star, Dacor and DCS. Everything I can read about them points to Blue Star as the best by far. One question- having not been able to see one, is there a way to see oven temperature without using a separate oven thermometer?

                  2. I have a Lacanche. Beautiful to look at and a real working stove. Have stayed at two small French hotels (<12 rooms) over the past two years and both had a Lacanche.

                    See www.frenchranges.com

                    1. Has anyone tried the Thermador 48" with the two ovens? They are dual fuel which is I think is a real plus unlike the BlueStar which is only gas, One oven is smaller than the other like on some of the Wolf and other brands though but unless you want to cook frou turkeys at once, the two ovens give you plenty of oven space for a Thanksgiving dinner of a turkey, pies and side dishes.. .

                      1. Thermador is an excellent brand, is dual-fuel unlike the Bluestar and has two ovens in the one large and one small configuration. Still it gives you plenty of room for a Thanksgiving dinner of a turkey, side dishes and pies all in the ovens at the same time. Then there is the Thermdor quality which I think outshines all the rest.

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                        1. re: nmharleyrider

                          We have had the Thermador 48 inch dual fuel range/ovenfor 3 1/2 years and love it! I looked at Aga, Viking, etc... comps pricewise were not nearly as high quality. Look around internet for pricing - huge range. Goodluck and happycooking!

                          1. re: nmharleyrider

                            Couldn't disagree more! We had Thermador double ovens and a gas cooktop before we remodeled. Getting rid of them was the very best part of the whole deal!

                            I could never get the dual ovens to work simultaneously and the constant repairs were horrendously expensive. The cooktop was just irritating and the heat on the griddle was so uneven it wasn't even worth using.

                            We went with a Wolf dual fuel and a back up Kitchen Aid wall oven in the baking area. I'm sooo much happier with both of them. Would never even *consider* Therador again.

                            1. re: rainey

                              I am struggling over which range to buy. My short list is the Blue Star 48" or the Five Star. Has anyone used the five star? How is the broiler? How easy is it to clean the Blue Star? How well do the ovens work?

                              1. re: rwine

                                You would not believe what I went thru to get registered to post this response but I felt compelled to try and save some other poor soul my headaches. First of all I bought my FIVE STAR online and I would never buy online again. Regardless of where you buy my FIVE STAR was delivered broken actually bent at the middle and I mean the whole 48 inch stove was bowed in the center as if it had been dropped. After fighting for weeks and threatening to sue it was replaced and I was happy until I tried to use it. Garbage is all I can say. There are no thermostats the knobs have no fine adjustment the igniters go on randomly and won't go off at all and I mean if I want to cook I have to listen to the igniters for the whole time. Yes I called for service and found out they have no factory authorized techs in the area but they would soon. After calling around I got some of the minor problems fixed at my expense but the same problems reoccured. I went so far as to write a letter to the president of the company and the CSR dept but not even a reply. The reason I am on this site is to buy a replacement for what I can only say is one of the top five worst purchases of my life. Whatever I saved I have lost in sanity and I am still replacing the FIVE STAR with what I do not know but I am leaning towards WOLF. Ask yourself one question....how often do i use my stove? You get what you pay for. I am always suspect that these reviews are bs posted by the manufacturers marketing people so I feel so strongly that I would be happy to answer any questions at housmony@yahoo.com.

                                1. re: Housmony

                                  wow..thanks so much. We ordered a Blue Star...and just this week, it arrived and although we ordered a stainless steel finish, they sent a RED stove. Luckily our dealer in MD, ABW, is awesome and they are totally trying to help. They are giving us a temporary stove while our 6 week wait for the Blue Star (ordered last November) to be delivered. I certainly hope it's worth it. We could have opted for a replacement with a Wolf, but had our hearts set on the Blue Star....keep you fingers crossed for us

                                  1. re: Housmony

                                    We had a nightmare experience with a range and oven. At least they bought them back though. We then bought a Wolf DF range (and Electrolux wall oven) and have been very happy. I can't say about the Wolf AG. We drove 250+ miles to look at BS but decided against. There was talk at the time about the ignitors and doors and I just could not go through a bunch of problems again. I thought maybe was settling to not have 22K burners but the Wolf has had plenty of power and I can't even think of anything that I have had it fully cranked to cook. The burners have great control. The simmer is wonderful on all the burners. It is a joy to cook on and I love the different modes on the oven. People do mention using the 22k BTU burner for cooking with a wok, but I am getting at least a 150K BTU burner to wok outside this summer. They are not that expensive. I can't comment on service because it has been trouble free, but Wolf is renowned for taking care of it's customers. There are people who love their BS and Capital Culinarians too. All have a little different features.

                                    1. re: wekick

                                      Check out Trevor Lawson's Capital Culinarian website and lots of youtube videos.

                                      This is a really nice range. We went with the Culi 48 incher, big oven with convection, rotisserie and self-cleaning. We also went with Wolf L double elcetric ovens. Waay more performance for $14k than Lacanche or Le Cornue, bang for buck.

                                      But for under $300, Camp Chef makes really nice 30k stove tops.. They even make 30k x 2 "tabletop" stoves you can put under your hood, or outside.

                                      1. re: MarkKS

                                        Also remodeling a kitchen and am considering all the options in the 48" dual fuel range. What do people think of Thermador vs. Wolf? Pros/cons? I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this out but am more drawn to the Wolf. People seem to be strongly in one camp or the other. I currently have a 17-year-old Dacor which cracked (but still works) and it cooks well. The knocking stories I've heard about the Wolf sound awful--is that just a "breaking in" period and does it fade with time?

                                        1. re: eat707

                                          We remodeled our kitchen a few years back and went with the Blue Star 48 inch with 8 burners. In 20/20 hindsight, my wife wishes we would have gotten the 60 inch also with 8 burners and I agree. The folks at BS have dummy grates that fit in between the burners in that configuration, or in a 48 with 6 burners (or at least they used to). This extra spacing would reduce the infrequent crowding when using several rather large cooking vessels. Just something to consider. Maybe Wolf has such an option. The extra real-estate would be nice.

                                          1. re: dcrb

                                            Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, we don't have room for the 60". But I'm wondering if people with the 48" dual fuel Wolf have been happy with it. Lots of these posts are from several years ago and I am wondering if the newer models have the same kinks as the old. If anyone who has installed a Wolf recently could chime in it would be much appreciated!

                                            1. re: eat707

                                              I'm hoping someone will help with this one too--remodeling and the remodeler is recommending (pushing?) the Dacor 48" dual-fuel, but I'm wondering which of the top brands--Viking, Wolf, 5-Star, DCS, BlueStar--is the best for me. I need a 6 burner, great at both simmer and quick-boil, easy-to-clean cooktop, a reliable electric oven/gas broiler with self-clean feature, and good reliability. Please help!!!

                                              1. re: lidi b

                                                I am also looking to do a kitchen remodel. In my case I went with a Fisher and Pakel 36 cooktop and a Thermador dual built in. The F&P is garbage and I would have to say that the DCS will likely not fare much better. The Viking is way under powered without high heat burners. I am keeping the dual built in and moving it. I am likely going back in with a 60 inch Capital or a 60 Blue Star. Both have there advantages, both are open burner high heat. I find that I do 90% of my cooking on my F&P on the 22,000 BTU wok burner. I simply want a range with all 22,000 or higher. That being said I would just put in a Garland and be done with it, if not for the home owners insurance issue.

                                                1. re: lidi b

                                                  Can't speak to the other brands, but am getting rid of a 48" Viking the builder installed before we bought our house -- from the get-go it was leaking gas (had a malfunctioning valve somewhere in the small oven that filled our house with fumes everytime we'd run it -- starting on Thanksgiving, of course), and the first 3 service guys who tried to fix it just fiddled with the feeding tube for the burners, never taking the time to figure out it was something else entirely. (The 4th guy finally brought a gas meter which helped him detect it was leaking, probably from a faulty valve.) The store is being very helpful & is replacing our lemon Viking with a Wolf (at my request). Having cooked on a Wolf counter top previously, its controls for simmering were much better than the Viking's (500 BTU in the Wolf vs. 1000 BTU in the Viking and a much smoother, more controlled low flame; the Viking sputters too much and the burners are too large). If the simmer function is important to you, or you sometimes cook with small pots, you will be much happier with the Wolf than the Viking. (Other reviewers here said the Blue Star does an even better job than the Wolf, with control down to 250 BTU.) Also, the Wolf heats to 16,000 BTU whereas the Viking stops at 15,000 -- not sure this will make a huge difference when boiling water for pasta, but it might be noticeable? Lastly, when heating butter for baking on the stove top, the inner ring in the Wolf did a lovely job, whereas the huge burner circles on the Viking hit the outside of the butter warmer. My only concern with the Wolf stems from reading that in 2008, Wolf issued a recall due to problems with igniting the burners in the small oven; i'm hoping those were all fixed and that our new oven will be glitch-free. (Crossing my fingers....) Good luck with your decision!

                                                  1. re: twinma

                                                    thanks, twinma! Seems that Viking is OUT (lots of complaints from lots of sources), and I'll probably go with Wolf too.....good luck with your replacement!!!

                                                    1. re: lidi b

                                                      We're also in the market for a new range as we're moving. I've had a 30" Viking Dual Fuel in the past that worked very well. My only complaint was that the Vari-Simmer feature didn't really simmer low enough- I still needed a diffuser. The last few year years I've been cooking on a Lacanche Cluny 1400 and love it. Five gas burners ranging from 5 - 18 BTU's plus a French top, and one gas and electric oven each, plus a warming cupboard. You get a lot of bang for your buck and it comes in lots of colors, too. It performs beautifully and I'll probably buy another for our new house. As for service, both my Viking and Lacanche were trouble-free, but my husband prefers the Lacanche because being so simple, he can repair it himself if needed. He is not a fan of combining electronics and heat as heat always wins and electronic panels are pricey to replace. As he says, Lacanche is a low tech but high performance machine. I found the Viking top easier to clean and loved the self-cleaning oven. The Lacanche stove top takes more effort to clean and does not come with self-cleaning ovens. The smaller ovens in the Lacanche are not a problem unless you want to bake a large pizza. A 25 lb. turkey fits just fine. And I've learned that it's pretty much an energy waste to be heating up huge ovens when you really don't use all that space most of the time. Surprisingly, I do love having the choice of an electric and a gas oven. Meat roasts with more moisture on the gas oven, the drier electric oven is great for cookies. And both give me some pretty amazing flexibility for holiday dinners or heavy cooking sessions.

                              2. We have a Viking Professional Dual Fuel Range and we LOVE IT! I am a Mom and have to cook for my husband and son. With my Viking Range I can cook multiple dishes at different temperatures all at the same time. My range is a 6 burner Dual Fuel.

                                The biggest deal breaker for our family was to be able to keep consistent heat over a wide range for the different dishes that my family enjoys. Our Viking does just that. Plus in our oven we have the easy glide racks and these have been a lifesaver. I almost forget how effortless it is to remove a dish without worrying about burning myself, until I use a traditional oven that does not have this option. I have truly been spoiled by my range and would highly recommend it to anyone.

                                Viking Range also makes all the products in the USA and that was another deal breaker plus they had the best warranty coverage in the market. We have had our range for 4 years and have not had any problems that some others claim to have. Again I would recommend this range.

                                Hope this all helps.

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                                1. re: aklamert

                                  Welcome to Chowhound, Aklamert! I hope to see you posting in other areas on the site as well. You'll find we're a friendly, active and opinionated group of food fanatics!

                                2. I have the 48” 5 STAR range, propane and electric with griddle/grill in the middle. I LOVE IT! The two issues: there is not a container for grease or fat like my old Jennair. Jennair had a griddle with a drain hole and tube that led to a jar for bacon grease, fat, etc., which I loved. The 5 Star needs to adopt this.

                                  The second issue is that my clean/lock mechanism is not working so I can’t clean my oven. I am in the process of finding ANOTHER repair place to fix it.

                                  Also, I have the GE single double wall oven. It is a double oven that fits in the space of a single oven and I LOVE it. Bottom has convection which works wonderfully. I can warm plates, proof the dough. The oven heat up quickly and use little energy. This gives me THREE ovens for entertaining. I only have to use my big oven on my 5STar range for big stuff. I can use the two wall ovens for pies, appetizers, etc. and have my prime rib, turkey or whatever in the big oven.

                                  This works wonderfully for me and I still get to enjoy my heavy duty, wonderful, professional grade 5 STAR range without taking up so much space. I like a lot of counter space. Just sharing what works for me in order to maybe help others out there.

                                  The GE Double Single oven is not too expensive, has all the features I wanted and I LOVE it. One of the best decisions I have made. NO regrets on this buy.

                                  Oh, BTW, I have the Model No: TPN337-7BW, which is 36” 4 burner, griddle/grill propane, dual fuel model.

                                  Aside from that, the four burners and the wok ring, the griddle and grill, the HUGE oven with convection are fabulous! The powerful heat of the oven is phenomenal and I can make great pizza, bread and use my clay cooker, etc. I did put an oven thermometer to give me more accurate read on oven temp.

                                  The range is a TOUGH piece of equipment and the stove is easy to clean. I like the hardy cast iron grill in in the middle and the grates over the burners. The black base under the burners hides stuff until I am ready to spray with a degreaser, scrub with stainless steel pad and make it sparkling clean again.

                                  So, once I get the oven cleaning problem fixed, we’re good to go. Look online for best price: I got a great deal on mine by shopping around online.

                                  While I am at it, the Bosch dishwashers are great if you have hardwater. I put the salt softener in the contraption at the bottom, the rinse aid and I can set the levels for both salt/softener and rinse aid. I have NEVER had such clean dishes, utensils and glass. If you can afford, upgrade to the 3rd rack for utensils/sterling silverware. This creates so much more room in the bottom rack for more dishes and I have not had to return a single utensil to the dishwasher for re-cleaning. Take the time to read the manual and learn how to set the softner and rinse aid and how to load the dishwasher. My hubby thought this was ridiculous. Our old dishwasher was 25 year old GE and she was a faithful dishwasher, but this BOSCH is amazing and again, a NO REGRETS item worth the extra $. So much had to go back into my old dishwasher, it was so loud and the glasses were filmy and were getting scratches. NONE of that with my Bosch. I am very cost concious and went a little above what I cared to spend for this dishwasher and again, NO REGRETS.

                                  Same with my SAMSUNG fridge: I got the freezer below, middle drawer and french doors. Had great customer satisfaction reviews and I LOVE, love Love my fridge.

                                  I did the research on all of these appliances and am thrilled with all of them. THe 5 STAR, I did not do the research on, but I have explained the couple of issues I have and basically love my 5STAR and the price was worth the couple of issues because it is a great product. ALSO, if you call 5STAR, REAL people talk to you, are friendly and don’t rush you off the phone. Small company based out of TN, I believe.

                                  1. I have the 48” 5 STAR range, propane and electric with griddle/grill in the middle. I LOVE IT! The two issues: there is not a container for grease or fat like my old Jennair. Jennair had a griddle with a drain hole and tube that led to a jar for bacon grease, fat, etc., which I loved. The 5 Star needs to adopt this.

                                    The second issue is that my clean/lock mechanism is not working so I can’t clean my oven. I am in the process of finding ANOTHER repair place to fix it.

                                    Aside from that, the four burners and the wok ring, the griddle and grill, the HUGE oven with convection are fabulous! The powerful heat of the oven is phenomenal and I can make great pizza, bread and use my clay cooker, etc. I did put an oven thermometer to give me more accurate read on oven temp.

                                    The range is a TOUGH piece of equipment and the stove is easy to clean. I like the hardy cast iron grill in in the middle and the grates over the burners. The black base under the burners hides stuff until I am ready to spray with a degreaser, scrub with stainless steel pad and make it sparkling clean again.

                                    So, once I get the oven cleaning problem fixed, we’re good to go. Look online for best price: I got a great deal on mine by shopping around online.

                                    1. I have a new Thermador 48" range. It cooks great but the noise from the cooling fans is deafening. Not only during the cooking, but it takes an hour for the fans in the ovens to kick off. I cannot hear my tv that's in the kitchen when cooking and you can hear them two rooms away in my study. It makes dinner conversation most unpleasant. Is there a 48" range that is NOT so loud???? I'm about to take a baseball bat to this otherwise great appliance.
                                      I understand Wolf and Viking are just as loud.

                                      1. Have you checked into the 48" GE Monogram Professional (make sure it's the Professional)? I like that the burner grates are all separate (instead of covering two burners, they just cover one each) and they are reversible (you flip it over and it will accommodate a wok or other rounded cooking apparatus). Also, all of the fobs are the same size, so if you use a griddle pan over two burners, you will get the same output from each (full spectrum of heat settings, from an ultra-low 140° F simmer to an intense 18,000 BTU). There is a "night-light" feature that lights up the knobs.
                                        This is comparable to the Wolf, and costs a lot less (around $4,200).

                                        1. My Bluestar is about 10 years old- long before all the colors etc. Who cares what it looks like. It is a wonderful stove. The only that I don't like is that mine has one large gas oven. As a former professional cook, it is a good practical stove that performs well. I personally don't want a showpiece , but rather a good stove.

                                          1. I did my share of research and settled on an American Range, 36", four burners with a center grill. Just got it the other day and it is beautiful. Will hopefully have in installed in a few weeks in our kitchen remodel. The deal breakers were, best over all reviews, made here in So. California, called them several times and got to talk with knowledgeable people. 25k burners were the highest made for home use, as I am a former restaurant owner and consider myself a self taught gourmet vegetarian chef, this was a must. I got the cook top so I dont have to deal with any oven issues. I will post a picture once its installed. Went with a cheapy Hood by Golden Vantage for $268 from Amazon. It got better than average reviews for the price and it looks great too.

                                            1. check out American ranges. built in American(so. ca.), highest btus, best price, best reviews, what else do you need to know..

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                                              1. re: litano

                                                There used to be a company about 20 years ago called the same. We had a stove from them and it was mediocre at best. I think there was a fire at the factory or they just went bankrupt. The company name must have been revived and started again.

                                                1. re: zinfanatic

                                                  Again looking at the BTU on this one it's a toy. You should simply look at Capital cooking. You can find them around for a discounted price. I paid $5800 no tax free shipping on the 36 inch self clean. All 23k btu burners. The closest to commercial you can get period.

                                                    1. re: wekick

                                                      American, reading their specs highest but is 17K. Nothing special as compared to the high btu burners.

                                                      1. re: irodguy

                                                        The posters above are talking about the American Performer.

                                                        The 36 inch CC is 5 -23k BTUs + 1 -8k BTUs
                                                        36 inch American performer -3 -25k BTUs + 2-18k BTUs + 1 -12k BTUs


                                                        What do you mean by closest to commercial? CC doesn't have the highest BTUs. BS platinum and and AP each have 25K if that the sole criteria for not being "a toy" and being the "closest to commercial".

                                                        1. re: wekick

                                                          Okay looking at the performer I take it back not a toy but not awesome 3 size burners 25, 18 and 12. Prefer 25 all around. Also electric oven, not my thing but not horrible.

                                                          1. re: irodguy

                                                            American has several models. Gas oven on the Performer. The Medallion is their DF. Some people who bake a lot prefer an electric oven.

                                                2. re: litano

                                                  this is the one I paid $3000 for, it will be installed next week, will post pictures and reviews on how it cook up..
                                                  Legend Series 36" Cooktop with 4 Burners and Griddle
                                                  List Price: $3,099.00
                                                  Model #: ARSCT-364GD
                                                  Manufacturer: American Range

                                                3. I have a 12 yr old DCS 484GG stove/oven. It has a slow gas leak inside. I've had repair man come in to see if he can fix it and didn't even try to open it. I have to physically turn off and on the main gas valve to the unit just to use it. I've called several appliance repair shops and I usually would be referred to someone else and on and on. I just don't want to just get anybody to come in and pay $85 just to look at it. Can you refer me to a true repair person in the Richmond, VA area.