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Dec 23, 2007 05:36 PM

48" gas (dual-fuel) range: Wolf vs FiveStar vs Thermador vs Viking vs Dacor

Remodelling the kitchen and finally have space for a 48" gas range. Narrowed down the choices to Wolf vs Five Star, as these are the brands that are available locally. Other brands available are: Thermador, Viking, Dacor.

Comments on these brands? Any clear favourite? Dealbreakers on any of these brands? Any brands I should hunt down and bring in?

Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Look at Blue Star before you leap.

    1. The "standard" configuration of the 5 Star 48" is a much better value than trying to order a Wolf with the same options. Probably a $3K difference...

      Viking is even less of a value.

      Thermador & Dacor are essentially the same in that size, and both are quite overpriced.

      If you can find a BlueStar in your neck of the woods I would think that would give the 5Star a run for the money.

      BTW -- You really ought to double check the 48" range -- you end up with one decent sized oven and one puny one. Many folks prefer getting a 48" cooktop putting storage below and have dual ovens located elsewhere -- easier and more flexible to have two 30" ovens...

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      1. re: renov8r

        Renov8r, Dacor is overpriced if you pay the retail price. I dealt directly with the store owner and received deep discounts on everything including the range hood. Because of space concerns, I elected to put in a Dacor wall mounted oven and a Dacor dual fuel range. (I really like the electric oven with gas broiler--a great feature.) Check Viking's customer service on before purchasing. To anyone remodeling, don't pay retail; bargain with the store and purchase some things directly on line. (i.e. ) I saved about $5,000 using this approach.

        1. re: Leper

          I wanted to weigh in on a comment you made. I'm insisting on a 48" range BECAUSE of the smaller oven with the bigger oven, and because my husband liked the indoor grill we have had on the Thermador 48" previously. We are a two-person household, so I like having the smaller oven, I don't need to heat up a large oven when Steve and I just want food for ourselves, yet I still want a larger oven so when we DO have family, we can make a turkey or larger thing if we want to. The smaller oven is just the right size for sides, dressing, pies, and other adjuncts to a large holiday meal, without having to open the big door on the bird or roast. THAT's why the small/oven large/oven combination works well enough for so many people that it's pretty much a standard and it's harder to find the one large oven. If I was going to put in the two wall ovens most people do, I'd just have a cooktop, and save about 5 grand not having 3/ or 3 1/2 ovens.

        2. re: renov8r

          Thanks for the comment.

          So far, we've narrowed it down to Wolf vs DCS vs Five Star. We're thinking of getting a gas range.

          I like the DCS because the 48" range comes with a full-size oven. That's what we don't like about the Wolf. I wonder why they just don't make a full-size oven on the 48".

          Will definitely look into the ranges more. It's the holiday season and most of the appliance stores are closed for the holidays. Unfortunately, we (in Vancouver BC) don't have a Bluestar distributor here, so we haven't had the chance to take a look at BlueStar.

          Any comments coming will be appreciated!

          1. re: jayes

            I am pretty sure that the current DCS 48" has the same configuration as the "GE Monogram" item, as well as Electrolux and "Kenmore Pro-Line" 48" ranges. Complex take-overs and manufacturing agreements. This might give you some flexibility and/or bargaining room.

            As to "dealing with the owner" or internet pricing, even the wholesale price on many of these brands just does not represent a good value, while I suspect that some dealers do occasionally sell a group of appliance for an attractive discount, having local service and an local installer that will help to resolve warranty issues is a huge factor.

            1. re: jayes

              I was quoted a very attractive price on a BS cooktop by DeWaare& Bode in Bellingham. It might be worth the drive to check them out.

          2. if you have the room, get the 60" range. you will have two full size ovens. i just bought this so i am hopeful it is on par with blue star.

            1. While I cannot speak to price on any of the brands, my parents got the DCS when they upgraded their kitchen and my mom loves it. She is a great cook and loves the full size oven. She also got a double wall oven since she cooks for large crowds.

              Lastly, I would echo renov8r's comments about dealing with a local dealer/installer. I develop houses and have seen many people get a "great deal" from the internet or a brother-in-law and then go through big problems when things go wrong.

              Happy shopping!

              1. UPDATE: Looking at more ranges and thinking of our kitchen configuration, we've decided to eliminate those 48" ranges that do not have a full-size oven. This eliminates Wolf (weird-sized ovens!) and Fivestar.

                In the running still: DCS, Dacor. I really would love to see a Bluestar, but unfortunately, we do not have a distributor here.

                Any comments on these ranges would be appreciated. TIA.

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                1. re: jayes

                  I have a Dacor 36" duel-fuel, so I can't comment on the 48", but I love my range. It's also my first "real" range, having only lived in rented houses before.

                  The stovetop is awesome and puts out major heat. My husband hates the starters, b/c they do this annoying clicking noise, but apparently that's been fixed in the newer models. You can get a great griddle that covers two burners, and I use all the time.

                  The only real problem we've had in about a year half, is that the broiler broke, on Thanksgiving. My husband thinks it was my fault as the oven was so completely full, there was actually a casserole dish touching the broiler I think. But the service guy was super nice and diagnosed the problem and then my husband ordered the parts and fixed it himself.

                  The oven itself is great. It uses the broiler to help pre-heat and is up to any temperature in less than 10 minutes. The only minor thing is there isn't really a way to turn the convection off. Which I thought might be a big deal, but hasn't been for any use so far.