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What are you making for Christmas breakfast?

Looking to be inspired by your great recipes, that I can make ahead and pop in the oven Christmas morning, to feast upon after present-opening-or, if they're really simple, whip up after presents. What is your family having this year?

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  1. For the past two years we've had delicious (and easy) banana pancakes with caramel-banana syrup; the recipe was in the November 2005 Bon Appetit and can be found on epicurious.com.

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      We do two dishes at once. The night before, I put together a baked french toast dish that has a brown sugar-butter-Karo syrup mixture on the bottom, with french bread layered over that, and then an egg-milk-vanilla topping over it. That sits in the fridge overnight. Next day, I put together an egg souffe with eggs and milk (whipped for 10 minutes) and three kinds of cheese over it.

      The two dishes bake about 30-40 minutes, and come out together. With fruit salad, it's a great post-present breakfast.

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        I'm making two casseroles, a Sausage & Egg Scramble, a dish we've been making on a regular basis for Christmas brunch for about 15 years now. Bread cubes, eggs, milk, seasonings, NY sharp cheddar, sausage. All glopped into casserole, into fridge overnight. I'm also making Paula Deen's Baked French Toast Casserole with a praline topping, a layered dish like mentioned by brendastarlet above. I love these put together the night before then put in the fridge dishes. So convenient, and yummy!

    2. 3 different types of friands. Chocolate chilli, white choc and raspberry and orange poppyseed

      1. Christmas Breakfast is a special tradition in our home. We'll have twelve over this year. My menu:

        -Baked Apple Pancake (Can mix the dry ingredients the night before, Christmas morning add the wet ingredients, peel a couple apples and bake)
        -Crepes, I have two crepe pans and I'll make a bunch, guests can fill them with a choice of blueberries cooked with water sugar, and a little lemon and thickened with cornstarch and water; or cherries cooked and thickened like the blueberries.
        -A platter of hot, moist scrambled eggs
        -Bacon, sausage and Canadian bacon
        -Fresh berries/fruit
        -Fresh squeezed orange juice (I'll get it from Stew Leonard's the day before), Prosecco for mimosas in flutes by itself.
        -French press coffee, Hot Chocolate

        1. We always have raised waffles. Delicious and fairly easy. You make up the batter for the most part the night before.


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            we are having tamales, beans and rice. fresh salsa and guacamole with chips.

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              I love raised waffles...and we got an insanely high tech looking waffle iron for Christmas this year, that we have dubbed Wafflestar Galactica (it's a cuisinart).

              Everyone's recipes sound fabulous...and it makes me even more sad that I, the original poster here, got sick and didn't make anything for Christmas breakfast. My mother in law gave us the waffle iron Christmas Eve, along with a basked of homemade syrups and other things, including the Barefoot Contessa waffle mix. So we made those Christmas morning, and fried some Canadian bacon. Nothing fancy, but it was good and easy-though the waffles don't come close to the raised ones.

            2. I've always preferred a simple and light breakfast, what with all the food later, I also keep light snacks around. Breakfast is almost always a stollen that I've made some days earlier, and an ambrosia salad, made the night before. The snacks I keep available are usually crudites....just about any fresh raw vegetable that I can find. This way, depending when dinner is served, the kitchen is kept for feast preparation, and no one is filling up on heavy carbs or rich foods. If heading out to family for dinner, I'll make more of an effort, keeping the breakfast the same, but adding a quiche or tourtiere and salad for lunch, knowing that family prefer to eat MUCH later than we do. I like to have the time to spend with family, rather than be in the kitchen, so salad could be a cole slaw made the day before, or a packaged salad, with some tomato and other fresh, added.


              1. Chile Relleno Strata--from Chowhound recipes. Yum!

                Probably cinnamon rolls or waffles as well.

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                    Do you make this like fromage fort, spread on bread and then broiled? or is your oven cheese fondue something else? I'd love to know how you make it. We love fondue and are having it today, in fact.

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                      1 pound loaf crusty bread, cubed
                      6 eggs, beaten
                      2 cups heavy cream
                      1 cup dry riesling (I use Trimbach from Alsace.)
                      1 t. kosher salt
                      1 t. dry mustard
                      2 c. shredded Gruyere

                      Mix everything in a bowl and pout into an 11-7 1/2 inch baking dish. Refrigerate overnight. Let sit at room temp 1 hour. Bake at 325 for 1 hour.

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                        Oh, marvelous. We'll be enjoying this soon. Thank you so much for kindly posting your recipe!

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                          wanted to let you know that I used a modified version of your recipe to use up fondue that we had for Christmas. The fondue never really blended properly and when cooled it became a big lump. It tasted great but the texture was bad. I had used a dry reisling when making the fondue. With your recipe in mind, the next day I used the leftover cubed bread, shredded the fondue cheese, added cream and a bit more nutmeg and baked. Delicious, and made me feel much better about the fondue failure. Next time I'll do it as written but I had the fondue to use up and this was a great way to do it. Thanks for the idea!

                  2. Breakfast Stuffing:

                    2 lbs. reduced fat breakfast sausage
                    1 onion, chopped
                    1 package frozen waffles (square shape works best for this)
                    5 eggs
                    1 small bag chopped pecans
                    2 tsp poultry seasoning (or to your taste)
                    1 small jar peach preserves
                    2 Tbsp worcestershire sauce (I don't really measure this, not sure how much)
                    1 cup maple syrup

                    Crumble sausage in pan and cook, add onions and cook until tender. Toast waffles and cut into 1 inch pieces. Mix sausage, onions, waffles, poultry seasoning, and eggs in your largest mixing bowl. Pour into a sprayed or coated baking dish (a big one!). Combine peach preserves, worcestershire sauce, and maple syrup, and pour over top (I play around with the proportions in the sauce, if you like sweeter, add more syrup, for more savory, add more W sauce). Bake at 350 about 30-40 minutes or until eggs are done. Top with chopped pecans for the last 10 minutes of cooking.

                    1. We have a big extended family celebration Christmas Eve and have them over for an informal brunch on Christmas day. I make cinnamon rolls the night before, but don't bake--I do the second rise overnight in the refrigerator and bake the next morning. We'll also have biscuits and gravy, quiche (son's choice this year), bagels and cream cheese, fruit salad. Mimosas w/ cranberry simple syrup.

                      I sometimes do a strata since you prep it the night before and bake the morning of. I've done sweet and savory but the quiche won out this year.

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                        creme brulee fr toast and bacon spinach quiche

                      2. homemade sour cream coffee cake,mushroom omelettes,bacon or sausage,fresh fruit.
                        coffee,tea,milk,hot chocolate

                        1. We take it easy: Pandoro with various spreads (jams, butter, Nutella for those who like to gild the lily, aka the boys), crusty walnut bread, a couple cheeses, my mom's rum-soaked fruit salad, whole fruit, yogurt, dark chocolate and really good coffee.

                          No actual cooking to be done on Xmas morning.

                          1. This morning I made cinnamon raisin french toast stuffed with Nutella and a side of bacon (bought from some local Amish vendors...really good bacon!!).

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                              Philly Ray,
                              Would you share your recipe for your cinnamon raisin french toast stuffed with Nutella? Sounds delicious!

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                                  It's really simple...

                                  I just take two slices of cinnamon raisin bread and make a Nutella "sandwich." Then I dip that whole sandwich into my french toast mixture (eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon) and cook it like regular french toast in my skillet with melted butter. Top it off with fresh fruit (raspberries are my fave if I have them) and powdered sugar. Don't even need to use syrup.

                                  As for serving size, for 2 people I make three sandwiches and serve 3 halves per person (sliced diagonally).