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Dec 23, 2007 04:09 PM

Store that specializes in British goods?

Does anyone know any grocery stores/specialty stores prefereably in North York/Scarborough/Richmond Hill/Markham areas that sell British foods. I'm actually looking specifically for Jacobs Club Orange bars, but just any general British stores would be good as I can call them and ask, thanks everyone!

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  1. The nutty choclateir often has alot of british candies and treats. But even better is the Chocolate Box on Donlands .. I think they only sell british goods so I think if anyone has what youre looking for, its them.

    1. There's a store in Eglinton Square at Victoria Park & Eglinton. Walk towards the food court. It's on the left hand side. Sorry I don't know the name I've only been once. They have a good selection esp. the goodies.

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          Thanks, Last time I ordered the brown sauce I had it shipped from the UK.... this is definitely closer ....

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            One thing to note about this one- they're not too fussy about selling stuff WELL past the sell by date, so check before buying!

        2. Hi Wil,

          You'll want to visit A Bit of Home, an online store that also has a retail location in Mississauga that you can visit. Their prices are very good and they carry all the usual nostalgic favourites. Their prices on chocolates and candy compared to The Nutty Chocolatier will amaze you by their reasonable-ness (is that a word?).

          Here is A Bit of Home's website:

          Oh, and you'll be delighted to hear that they carry Jacob's Club Orange Biscuits. Here's a link to that specific item:


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            Seeldee, that looks perfect, now I have to figure out how to get the 'sauga from here. Might be a bit of a trek just to get chocholate, at least I know it's there!

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              I second The Chocolate Box on Donlands. They sell everything.

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                Good lord - hungryabbey and millygirl are right! I was just at The Chocolate Box's website and I am delighted that I'll no longer need to drive out to Mississauga for Galaxy Minstrels. Thanks for the tip, hungryabbey and millygirl! You've saved me some serious future driving hassles.

          2. Last week I was in Bulk Barn and they had a new section with a sign "British Invasion", they had quite a few British chocolate bars, also products like canned Sticky Pudding, Chip Shop Curry Sauce.

            1. Newmarket isn't quite in the list you had, but there is a nice little shop there.

              British Imports

              474 Timothy Street, Newmarket , ON L3Y 1P8
              Telephone : 905-853-6450

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                Thanks Pincus, I called them, they usually have stock but are sold out until the new year! Thanks though, I think this is actually closer to where I live (404/Major Mac)