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Dec 23, 2007 03:23 PM

last minute, i know...please help with christmas recs

we had to cancel our christmas flights to family due to sickness and now we're home for the holiday and want to go somewhere nice for dinner. someplace young and not too stuffy, no budget to worry about, christmas decor would be nice, tables? don't bother referring me to because i'm frustrated with it. just give a girl a break and throw out some ideas, please?
american, french or italian, anywhere in manhattan or brooklyn

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  1. We made reservations at Marseilles on 9th Ave

    1. i had a reservation for Bobo on 10th street in the village for christmas eve @ 6:30 that i canceled thru open table. try and give them a call. they have a solid reputation. christmas? last year we went to osaka, different, but we ordered what ever we felt like and then had decedent deserts at home. maybe tale a drive out to bensonhurst and look at the chiristmas lights?