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Dec 23, 2007 03:20 PM

last minute, i know...traveling need christmas!

we had to cancel our christmas flights home due to sickness and now we're in new york for the holiday and want to go somewhere nice for dinner. someplace young and not too stuffy, no budget to worry about, christmas decor would be nice, tables? don't bother referring me to because i'm frustrated with it. just give a girl a break and throw out some ideas, please?
american, french or italian, anywhere in manhattan or brooklyn

sorry i realized this posted twice but don't know how to delete

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  1. We are spending Christmas eve at Five Points - very well thought out fresh new american, not too fancy or stuffy, but nice room that is decorated for the holidays.

    Good luck.

    1. How about a Scandinavian Julbord (Christmas Table) in the West Village?

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        La Boite en Bois is serving Christmas Eve.
        Marseille and O'Neals are serving Christmas night.
        Have a merry...

      2. For Christmas Day Dinner, I'd try Bouley, Chanterelle, The Maze at Gordon Ramsay, any of the Jean Georges Restaurants, Town, Peter Luger or Keens, Allen & Delancey. Get on the phone ASAP!

        More here:

        1. Looks like most places are staying open this year.
          You shouldn't have trouble!

          1. i know you said no to opentables, but whatever happened you should give it another try if you don't find anywhere else good.