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Oct 30, 2000 08:32 AM

Chowhound from Boston will be in LA for two!

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We (spouse and I) will be in LA over Thanksgiving weekend and plan to make reservations for dinner on Sunday and Monday evenings. We are in our early 30s and enjoy a hip atmosphere, but really would prefer to avoid a place where "attitude" is prevalent. We are staying in West Hollywood and will have a car. We are open to all cuisines, with French and Indian being favorites (Mexican would be least favorite). We hope to keep each meal (wine included) under $150 total. Any and all suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Chris, for Sunday and Monday in the West Hollywood area, under $150, you might consider consecutive nights at Lucques and Campanile, which have prix-fixes on Sunday and Monday, respectively.

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      Alan Gardner

      We went to Campanile and the food was fine. However, the Prix Fixe nights tended to attract family groups. Not that they don't have every right to be there, but it made for a raucous evening - OK if you want to party, but intimate conversation is impossible.

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        Some of us, albeit those of us with kids, actually prefer the family friendliness of Monday nights at Campanile (which are actually called, y'know, Family Dinners) and Thursday grilled-cheese nights--there's nothing else remotely like it in L.A. It's where you'll find most of the regulars.

        If you request the more formal back room, you'll usually be spared the ruckus. The kids tend to congregate around the fountain in the front.