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Dec 23, 2007 03:07 PM

J.S. Chen's, Plano. Comments on Dim Sum Please

If anyone has been to the J.S. Chen's (formerly Cathy's Wok) at Coit and Legacy and had their Dim Sum please leave any comments here.

I went today and had a mixed reaction but I don't regard myself as an expert on Dim Sum.

In particular:
1) The shrimp balls (several types) were all rather bland;
2) The Su Mai (sp?) was delicious;
3) The place has quite a following. They open at 11am and by 11:40 every seat was taken (about 100 places);
4) Strong chinese ethnic support. I was the only honky in the place!

This is the only Dim Sum I know of in Plano since Lucky House emigrated to Carrollton so I am pleased to see them.

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  1. WG - can't comment yet on J.S. Chen's - but would love to know where in Carrollton Lucky House as moved. Do you have any idea? Address? Phone?


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      I believe it is here but I suggest you call them, then let us know.

      Now: Let's get back to J.S. Chen!

    2. According to my Chinese grapevine,
      "I have not gone there myself but have heard mixed reaction to the food. The owners are from the restaurant Shui Wah Chinese Restaurant at 400 N Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX. Their food is inconsistent at best so I can’t honestly make a strong recommendation for either restaurant."

      1. I went there once and never again.
        Ordered xiao long bao, steamed pork and beef flat noodles.
        1) xiao long bao were all dry when served, not a drop of soup in them. Worst of all, the center part of the meat was frozen when i bit into one! I immediately told the waitress to take it back.
        2) The steamed pork in black beans were all undercooked. Told them to take it back too.
        3) The beef flat noodles were very oily and 99% of the dish are the noodles.

        They offered to refund my money for the frozen dumplings and and the pork.
        I walked off without a tip, never returned.
        Someone else was arguing to the old lady at the counter about their shrimp fried rice while i was there too.

        1. Never tried the Dim Sum at this location. But they do have another location at Frankford and the toll. Mostly takeout and the food was horrible. Swear never to return again.

          1. been there once during the week for dim sum, ordered a few items, turnip cake, chicken feet, etc, was ok and may satisfy your taste for dim sum, esp if one is too lazy to drive to richardson to kirin court. but i would rather save up for the trip to kirin court, they also push carts during the week at lunch