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Dec 23, 2007 02:50 PM

Where do you get your tea?

I only drink loose leaf tea if I'm making it myself and have tried a few places around Tampa but the only location I like is Kalesia Tea Lounge on Fletcher Ave. It's not in a beautiful location, but they have made their interior something wonderful. They have over 100 varieties of teas and teasanes from all over the world hand selected or blended by the owners, but they don't have the pretentious air that the other local tea places have. They even have Bubble Teas and Smoothies. To round out their menu, they have veg/vegan meals which are awesome.

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  1. I buy Tea online... Red Rooibos Tea, Silver Needle White, White Peony...
    Regular 'Sencha' Green Tea I get at the Asian markets and drink daily when I'm buzzing around... I have a service biz, and I bring a 32oz. Gatorade bottle of pretty strong self-brewed Green Tea with me every day...
    For energy, health, and appetite suppression... It does good!

    But these are all straight 'one species' kinda things and I want to enjoy more creative blends...
    I've wanted to have places while I'm on the road to pop into for something nice or something new... Thanks for the rec.

    And coincidentally, I'll be on Fletcher on Wednesday, the day after Christmas...

    1. I also buy almost all my tea online. Sencha and Formosa oolongs for me. For the daily not exactly gourmet teas I've always been happy with Adagio Teas.

      Locally, I've had teas gifted to me from Teavana that were good and I've had a good first experience with Hooker's Tea in downtown St. Pete.

      1. Locally, [Jacksonville] Teavana is a good choice... Otherwise, options are limited to prepackage, bagged teas.

        However, I find better deals online. Try S&H is $4 flat rate, regardless of much much you purchase. They have a pretty extensive collection too.

        1. I get my gunpowder green at Asian markets and add ginger, cinnamon stick, clove, cardamon pod, orange rind to my infuser. I drink a giant pot of it every morning -- I never get sick!!

 has the greatest yerba mate blend, coco latte.

          In addition to mentioned in one of the posts, I really love Their House Assam is the best I've ever tried and their customer service rocks. They also carry Earl Grey Creme, which is very good in the afternoon w/milk and sugar!

          There is a Teavana close to me, but I haven't been to the store yet. I heard their teas are nice.

          1. Im a big tea drinker and I buy all of my tea from Teavana. I do it online but they have stores all over as well. Their herbal teas and Rooibos teas are fantastic and contain ZERO caffeine. I also like that they sell little tea bags to put loose tea in so that you dont have to make a pot or use a tea ball every time. Check 'em out at

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              All rooibos and herbal teasanes are caffeine free. Doesn't having tea bags defeat the purpose of loose leaf tea? I use a teapot-filter called Ingenuni-Tea that brews and filters in one pot!
              Teavana has always been so uptight and informal, and I like a more personal touch. I'll have to try Hooker's.