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Dec 23, 2007 02:42 PM

Can I use a cake pan to make a pie? Urgently help, please!

Hi, My pie pans have all disappeared! I have no idea what happened to them and of course I discover this tonite, as I am about to make a mince pie for tomorrow. I have one cake pan. Can I call it a deep dish mince pie and use that pan, or will it not work?

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  1. Not a problem go right ahead.

      1. re: Kat

        I concur. The only challenge will be in the serving as a cake pan doesn't have the angle of a pie plate.

      2. Also, your cake pan probably has a greater volume than your pie pan. I'd sort of try to fake some kind of an edge a bit below the cake rim so the crust doesn't overwhelm the filling. Or, if you have the option, make a bit more filling and bake it a bit longer.

        1. Yup, the crust definitely came out a bit funky and not as uniform as I would like. Howver, this crowd will not mind. As long as there is pie on the table!

          1. Make the first (small) piece a sacrifice piece. Then use the vacated space to get your smallet, most flexible spatula in underneath the rest of the bottom crust. Use a sharp knife to release the side crust, and proceed with serving as normal. Call it a "tart"!

            The volume of filling might be different, depending on whether your pie dish is 8" 9" 10" etc. If the pie looks underfilled, you could use some snippets of dough to create some small decos using small star or heart cutters, placing on top of the filling to create the illusion of more depth. Bake a usual.

            If you have leftover filling, cut rounds using a small saucer as a guide, and press circles into muffin pan cups. Fill with 2 T mincemeat and bake as usual. Mom used to do these instead of a whole pie. She left the pastry cicles with wavy flutes, not pressing the dough against the side of the cups. They make cute tarts that way. Also great way to use left-over dough anytime. Fill with 1 T strawberry or raspberry jam.