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Dec 23, 2007 02:11 PM

ISO Recipe using Lobster

I am looking for a new way to prepare lobsters at home. I typically make steamed lobsters and have also made lobster rolls but wanted to try something new. Any ideas? Maybe adding lobster meat to pasta or a taking the meat out of the shells and roasting it in a sauce? Does anyone have any recipes? Thanks.

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  1. How about a simple lobster raviolli with sage and brown butter sauce.

    1. Lobster Thermidor. Oldie but a goodie.............

      1. i find that any recipe that you can use shrimp in ......
        IF that helps

        1. Simple: Angel hair (what can I say, I like angel hair) wth lobster chunks tossed in a browned butter and EVOO w/ a little tarragon and topped with chives.. Works with cheese ravioli too.

          Complex: A savory lobster cheesecake. I rarely use recipes exactly, but Emeril has one I drew a lot from:

          A couple of the others from that episode look good, too.

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            Lobster Pot Pie
            Easy to do-basically lobster, green veg of your choice (peas, beans, broccoli), onions, mushrooms, wine, cream, tarragon and parsley topped with your own or store bought puff pastry. Lovely.

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              LOBSTER cheesecake. OMG, that sounds divine. Thank you for sharing.

              1. re: dolores

                You're welcome!
                It's great & very adaptable. Since it's essentially a custard I used a water bath and baked longer. It isn't hard to make, just several steps and time consuming.

                I don't like cooked bell peppers (except with some Mexican &Tex-Mex food) so I used a lot less and increased the onion.
                I used about 50% more lobster. Shrimp would likely work very well.
                I didn't have creme fraiche to top so I used half the amount of sour cream.
                I added some tarragon
                No osetra caviar; I used tobiko which was actually quite pretty.

                Mmmmm. I'm due for another lobster... I'll have to make it again...

            2. Just curious, but are you in Maine? How to use up all the spare lobster is not a problem most of us have.......

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                No, I'm in NY, and love to make lobsters for Christmas Dinner.