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Dec 23, 2007 02:00 PM

best place in nyc for upscale meal

looking for a classy, moderate to highly priced place anywhere in nyc for mainly chicken and some beef eaters. group is not big on steak. not looking for a deli or persian food. thanks

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  1. I would suggest Solo - - Some of the best high end kosher cuisine around -

    1. Mikes Bistro.
      Best Duck dish I have had in the city. (Entire city, Kosher and Non, High and Low).
      The Sweet Breads are also delicious, along with most things on the menu.
      The ambiance at Mikes is much nicer then everywhere else. Nice spacing between tables and courteous service. Not to mention, that you can actually hear yourself speak. High End food, without the faux pretentiousness.
      By far the best kosher in NYC.
      I would strongly suggest you stay away from Solo. Worst kosher meal of my life, the service is dreadful, and the food tries to hard to do to little.

      1. I think most of the upscale kosher places pay only token homage to the chicken (how you can charge $30 for a chicken breast is pretty mindboggling).
        In general though, I highly recommend Solo.
        I have eaten at Solo, Levana, and Mike's Bistro. I think Mike's Bistro had the best decor and ambience, but for me, the food at solo, kicked. I ordered pretty much the same food at Solo and Mike's Bistro. Sweetbreads, Steak, and Apple cobbler with ice cream. The sweetbreads and Aplle cobbler were noticibly better at Solo. The steak was about the same.

        1. Tevere on e. 84st is definitely upscale

          1. NOT Abigael's. Service is terrible.