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Oct 27, 2000 03:27 PM

great cajun/creole restaurant?

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any one know what happened to cafe n' awlins, a great creole restaurant in downtown burbank. Also, where is the best cajun/creole place besides gumbo pot, ragin cajun, and harold and belles? anywhere in LA area is fine. thanks.

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  1. Hi, IIRC, the cajun restaurant in Burbank ran into some significant legal/financial difficulties.

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    1. re: Ron Hay

      The Rajin' Cajun in Hermosa Beach is very good and has all the standards. It's very casual: sawdust on the floor, etc. and very reasonably priced. Large beer selection. The food has never disappointed. Parking on the street is at a premium. Park over by the library and walk the few blocks.

      1. re: Cindy

        I've never had any Cajun/Creole food in L.A. that's even remotely as good as what you get in NOLA. Better to just wait until you can make the trip.

        1. re: Rick V.

          Yes, it's hard to beat NOLA in person, but I won't be there for a while. In the meantime, I've been going to New Orleans Restaurant in Hermosa Beach (right down the street from Rajun Cajun). It's totally a family-run operation, and they're very nice. Authentic gumbo, jambalaya, etc. More expensive, but not quite as gimmicky as Rajun Cajun.

          1. re: Eddie Uketae

            It looks like no one on this thread has mentioned Uncle Darrow's on Venice between Fairfax and La Brea. Great po boys, gumbo and seafood platters. It's a run-down looking shack with close to the same menu as the Gumbo Pot, but many times better. The fresh, plump catfish, oysters and shrimp they use in po-boys and seafood platters are much better quality than the Gumbo Pot's selection. While there are a few tables, it's pretty much a take-out joint and it's only open until 8:00 or so. Someone told me that they recently opened another place with more seating on the West side.

            1. re: SKU

              There is indeed a new Uncle Darrow's on Lincoln in the Marina. Just as mediocre as the first.

              If you don't insist on themepark Creole cooking, there are some good places on the south side--the Creole expat population in L.A. is huge. I would recommend especially the Friday-only gumbo at Stevie's on the Srtip on Crenshaw at Jefferson, the fried seafood at 5 C's on 54th St., and practically anything at the estimable Harold & Belle's on Jefferson.