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Dec 23, 2007 01:30 PM

One more NYE question

Hi! My beau and I are heading to New Orleans for the New Year's weekend up until NYE. I already made reservations at Stella for the 30th. What's the best way to spend NYE in New Orleans? We'd like to spend some serious time listening to jazz and eating great seafood. A few places I've called only have prix fixe menus, and I don't do meat or chicken, so most of those are out. Is there anyplace for great food on that night that offers a menu to order off of? Also - we're going to get into town LATE on Sat (around 9pm) after a 10 hr drive. Any thoughts on a fun place to head for some small plates and a bottle of wine? We're staying at the Loew's in the CBD, but we're planning on spending time in the French Quarter, or anyplace else that's close. Thanks!

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  1. Try for places open during those dates.

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    1. We are flying down NYE just to see Tad Benoit at Mid City Lanes if you are looking for something fun. Its mid city bout a $15 cab.


      1. Late Saturday, try Delachaise or Mimi's in the Marigny. If you don't want to drive, Coop's would be a hike, but walkable. Or eat at the bar in your hotel, Cafe Adelaide has good food. Not sure how late the kitchen is open, though.

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          Thanks! We'll definitely need a walk after 8 hours or so in the car.