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Dec 23, 2007 01:15 PM

You have to try a chicken rollatini!

I got the idea on Food Network. Here's the recipe:

I used prosciutto instead of regular ham, and chevre goat cheese from Publix. When you roll them up they don't have to be perfect, and some of the goat cheese can be oozing out a bit. They came out great. I had to cook for about 25 minutes instead of 20 at 400 degrees, and I transferred the chicken to a baking pan after browning on the stove. I also let it rest a few minutes under foil to let the chicken get to the right temp and cooked through. I skipped the pasta.

If you want an easy Christmas dish to bring to a party or something, or for anytime, I would recommend these highly. Just remember to take the toothpicks out before you eat them.

Happy holidays!

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