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BBQ in the New Haven area?

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Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm no BBQ expert, but Uncle Willie's on Whalley Avenue in Westville (not quite a mile south of the Wilbur Cross) is pretty good. Again, I'm totally New England raised, no authority on the 'que, but I like their stuff. They do ribs, chicken (I think), pulled pork, sides, etc. Two locations, the main one being in Waterbury, second one in New Haven - here's the not all that informative website - http://www.unclewilliesbbq.net/index....

    1. there's a cookhouse on rt.1 in branford that has a great pulled pork sandwhich. other bbq too, but the pulled pork sandwhich is the lunch order.

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        Sorry to say the Branford location has closed.

      2. while not exactly bbq, sondra's place has excellent 'soul food' and a really comfortable yet upscale casual atmosphere:

        46 whitney ave, new haven (203) 787-4123

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          Sandra's closed about 2 weeks ago, It was good though

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            The only true "bbq" restaurant remaining in the New Haven area is Uncle Willie's on Whalley Ave. If bbq connotes ribs, there is the Rib House in East Haven, and all of the SBC's have very decent ribs as well.

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              Sandra's Place closed? How sad. Did she close both locations or just the main restaurant on Whitney. That stinks. I was just there and it was terrific. Any ideas why?

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                i too am surprised.. not like there's much competition in NH

          2. There is Texas Roadhouse in West Haven 2 but that is more of a chain...my friend has eaten there a bunch of times and I think she has liked the food!

            here is the website..

            1. There's good chopped BBQ and brisket (as well as fried chicken, collards and other BBQ fare) at Southern Hospitality Soul Food on Whalley Avenue. It's a dingy little takeout joint, but the food is very good in a homemade kind of way. I don't know if they have ribs.

              1. Theres a 'Northern BBQ' truck parked constantly on the corner of Lower Dixwell Ave and @ Munson St. He's got a real smoker and advertises chopped pork bbq and ribs...smells amazing as I drive past...this is real soul food bbq.
                You can get good ribs at the Rib House on Route1 at the East Haven/Branford line.
                All the other good ones have bit the dust...Uncle Willies is downright insipid.

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                  Anyone know if this truck's still out there?

                2. My sister and a friend went to Mama Mary's on Sunday and had ribs that she said were quite good. Saucy, not "fall off the bone," but tender. They were pork ribs. They were out of the beef ribs the day she went.

                  Here's a link to full post http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/635503