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Oct 27, 2000 01:43 AM

Good dining choices in the SF valley

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Are there any "favorite" restaurants that can be recommended in the Valley? They need not be fancy and expensive. An exiled native, I visit several times a year, which isn't enough to know the lowdown. I'm particularly interested in Korean, sushi, or any other cuisine/place that's a good bet in terms of quality and price.

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  1. Hello, again, Michael,

    One of our favorite restaurants is the A&W Chinese Seafood and BBQ Restaurant, on Rededa Blvd., near Prairie, in Northridge.

    Their menu is extensive, the portions huge, and the prices very modest, especially in light of the serving sizes and excellent service...and the high quality of their food.

    I would recommend going in on a weekday night, since it tends to be packed on Fridays and weekend nights.

    The menu is printed in English, Chinese and Vietnamese, and, very often, we are the only non-Asians dining there, which we take to be a sign that the food and the value are very good, least we think so.



    1. If you're looking for inexpensive but wonderful
      ethnic restaurants the Vally is hard to beat.
      Here's a few I like:

      Sri Lankan Cafe on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana
      Koko's Middle Eastern Restaurant at Vanowen & Woodman
      Carnival (Middle Eastern) on Woodman near Ventura
      Zankou Chicken on Sepulveda near Burbank
      Birrieria Mexico on Vanowen near Van Nuys
      India Sweets and Spices (vegetarian) on Parthenia