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Dec 23, 2007 11:29 AM

Da Guido -- Yum! (Calgary)

Went to Da Guido for a private Christmas party last week -- very impressed. I have to say, that I did not have high expectations from the outside (stucco building), but it is quite lovely inside. We had the private room and the service was great -- the only complaint was that the servers couldn't actually get in the room with all of us sitting, so we had to pass our plates down, family style.
Most of us had the "chef's special". Appetizer was lightly breaded calamari with scampi in a wine/lemon sauce. Beautifully done. A simple tossed green salad with a simple vinigrette -- no slimy pieces as I've experienced at more than several expensive restaurants! Perfectly balanced vinigrette, with a rounded flavors. Pasta served family-style, and a plated meat dish (veal scallopini with asparagas, and chicken in a peppercorn cream sauce --) nothing "fusion" or unusual, but all done perfectly. I had the ice cream (pear) for dessert, which was beautiful. The coffee was drinkable, as well.
Would definitely go back. Definitely never bringing the young children with.

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  1. I haven't been to Da Guido's in years...good to hear that they are still going strong.

    1. Da Guido rocks!!!! I was there last month and had a beautiful meal. Plentiful and flavourful and everything was hot and timely. We had a chefs dinner too. Was in with a friend of Guido's. Started with pasta pescatore. Light, fresh, lemony, olive oily, fresh parsley. Perfect. Then a risotto con tartufo. Again, beautiful and nice and soupy - the way I like it!

      Main course was the rib steak with a cream sauce of some kind and sauteed spinach. It was cooked properly medium rare - medium and the sauce was as it should be. Rich, flavourful and delicious. Chef came out and chatted for a while. Colorful guy. Met the crew in the back over espresso - also excellent.

      I will recommend Da Guido confidently.

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        We really used to like Da Guido but had a bad experience there this summer, and thought it was slipping. Good to know that people are having great meals there now. We will try them again.