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Dec 23, 2007 11:04 AM

Vancouver Dim Sum?

We're up here in Vancouver from Los Angeles for the holidays and we're looking for good Chinese food.

Last time we were here we went to a really bad place on Commercial and 12th which had been recommended on one of these boards and were extremely disappointed. We could have been eating in any west side strip mall in LA. Bo Bo chicken and the like. I'd read in an article (Johnathan Gold?) about a dim sum place in LA that beats places in Hong Kong, but can't rival "someplace" in Vancouver. I wish I could remember the name of this legendary Vancouver "someplace" is.

Does anyone have any good guesses or recommendations?

It doesn't have to be dim sum either. If anyone has good places for great Szechuan or Hunan cuisine we'd certainly eat later in the day too :)

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  1. You can't do any better than Hon's Wun Tun House on 1339 Robson Street. At least it was great when we were there three years ago. Wish I could join you!

    1. actually amongst locals hon's is a bit of a joke , which only attests to the fact that van has the best chinese food on the continent

      1. Floata, Imperial Seafood, Sun Sui Wah for dim sum in Vancouver. I used to like to go to Pink Pearl until they charged us for tea.

        Make the trek out to Richmond. That's where the real action is. - Kirin, Jade, Ginegri, Sun Sui Wah...more.

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          Kirin also has a downtown location (at Alberni & Bute) and a location at City Square (12th & Cambie)

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            Thanks islandgirl...and they are all very good, IMO. (I meant to include Kirin in the Vancouver list ....too much eggnog I guess).

        2. whoever suggested hon's ..... no comment, that is NOT a recommended place
          for dim sum go to richmond, in aberdeen mall there is a restaurant called fisherman's terrace.. make reservations!
          or top gun in richmond, 2nd level, on mckim way and garden city

          1. definetly Sun Sui Wah that you are thinking of, constantly wins awards for best chinese and is my personal favorite. actually prefer the location in richmond opposed to the main st. even though it is a bigger trek from vancouver.Imperial is a close 2nd, the scallop dumplings.......never had anything like them.