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Dec 23, 2007 10:50 AM

What to serve with fried green tomatoes?

My husband and decided last night to have his brother and brother's girlfriend over for the Superbowl in February, for the purpose of making fried green tomatoes for them. The way this came up is that the girlfriend LOVES tomatoes, eats them on everything and eats them whole. However, she has never had a green one, let alone fried green ones. I am thinking of serving them with a pot roast and parmesan potatoes, or bbq short ribs and made from scratch mac & cheese, but I am interested in what other people serve with them. Thoughts?

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  1. How about topping them with crawfish etouffee? YUM!

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        The etouffee sounds wonderful but I would serve the fried green tomatoes on the side with nothing more than salt, pepper and a fork.

    1. Your instincts are very good. They are a vegetable side dish. Your choices of menus to serve them with sound appealing.
      I guess most people weren't familiar with fried green tomatoes until the book or movie by that name became popular but they were a common vegetable dish long before that in the South and I guess in much of rural America.
      This was a frugal and creative way of making something edible, even delicious, out of a product that might have gone to waste. Like watermelon rind pickles and so many other interesting traditional American foods that are now considered chic.
      No reason why something so good can't be the centerpiece of a meal as clarkfella suggests. I've had them topped with Shrimp Remoulade in a salad and replacing the muffins in a new-fangled Southern Eggs Benedict with country ham.
      Fried Green Tomatoes are terrific.

      1. Where do you live that you can get green tomatoes in February?

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        1. A friend green tomato BLT is a beautiful thing, and a good way to get a BLT fix when there are no good, ripe tomatoes.

          1. I have never gotten so many great ideas from so short a thread! BLT's, Eggs Benedict, etc. ..Sometimes I just can't wait to try new stuff!