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Dec 23, 2007 07:37 AM


OK....I had to post this. The Al's in Warrenville was not to bad, pretty close in taste to the one on Taylor. It was close to work before the long drive to Wrigleyville, so it was worth always stopping. I just went by there this week and found out that Al's is no Longer there! Its now Livorno's! Now, I would like to call myself somewhat of a Chicago Beef expert. Just as much as the next guy in this great town that would drive 50 miles for a good beef sandwich, but OMG! Their beef is not only ten times better then Al's, but this might be the next best thing to Johnny's on North Ave. You have to take a drive out to Warrenville to check this place out! Livorno's is now on my list as some of the BEST BEEF in Chicago! Its ...I cannot stop dreaming about it, cant wait to get out of work to eat kinda beef. I melts in your month...I cannot explain it!

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    1. I thought that this guy was full of sh*t about Livorno's having the "best" beef sandwich. Better than Johnny's ? You gotta be smoking something to make a statement like that. Well I looked for Livorno's online and couldn't find it on map quest but their number came up on 411. I got directions from Melrose Park. Well I ordered a beef with hot peppers and a small fry with a drink. The beef was seriously melt in your mouth kind of beef. AWSOME!!!! I gotta say I love Johnny's beef......But man this beef was unbelievable.
      The fries were really good to. It's a bit far for me to drive there all the time, but I will be making a trip at least once a month there. Gotta hand it to Livorno's the beef is made there and could challange Johnny's beef.

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        Ok I am starting my research. We had a Beef sandwich with the hot peppers a few years ago when visiting....and despite our very limited time, a Italian Beef is a must on our next visit...I just can't travel much due to time restriants so can anyone assist (I like it wet with the hot peppers). Somewhere on the El lines, near downtown.

      2. Hands down the best beef sandwich that you'll ever,ever have.If Heaven has beef it'll probably come from here since they cater too! A recipe so good half your sandwich will be gone before you know it.Luckily the beefs come in different sizes.This is a family recipe passed down through the years and perfected for us to enjoy.Warrenville is now the place to come for "Chicago"beef.Take the whole family to Livorno's for food that's great on the pallette and easy on the wallet!!

        1. I read this review and decided to try Livorno's as well. It was the best beef sandwich I had ever had. So good, I started going in 2-3 times a week. I have to say, though, that sadly, I feel it is beginning to slide. The last 2 times I was in, the tables and chairs/booths were dirty, even though the staff was standing around joking with each other. I was disappointed that while the food still "tasted" good, it was cold both times.They must be trying to train new cash register help also, because the last time I was there the kid didn't know the menu well enough to answer questions and there was no other employee there to help him. When Livorno's first opened, management seemed to be there all the time. The last few times you could tell that no one was watching the restaurant at all. Employees were left to completely on their own to run the place...and it showed. I heard they were opening a bar next door so maybe they are too busy to keep an eye on the restaurant right now. Let's hope Livorno's gets back to it's opening glory soon. Like I said, it was the absolute best back when it first opened! Good Luck!