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Oct 24, 2000 04:29 PM

restaurant katsu

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has anybody been to katsu in studio city? specfically have you had the omakase? i heard it starts at about $75. how is the meal is it worth it? thank you in advance

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  1. My wife and I ate there two months ago. Without specifically saying "omakase," we ended up with the practical equivalent, since we pretty much let the chef serve us what he wanted, giving us one piece of sushi from each order.

    The quality was impeccable but it was also rather pricey.

    It was, however, great fun to see the chef pull out a couple of live shrimp, sever their heads to be returned as a separate course after a trip to the deep fryer, then turn the tails into sushi that seemed to be still moving as it was served!

    This is certainly the best sushi I have eaten in the Valley.