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Dec 23, 2007 08:50 AM

Riverdale - Palace of Japan & Garden Gourmet

Just got back from 5 restful months in rural PA, and found Palace of Japan closed for renovation. Does anyone know if and when it will be reopening, and what the changes might be in terms of the menu?

Also, we just discovered the Garden Gourmet on Broadway (233rd St.) - WOW!! We could barely breathe, we were so excited. Goat meat, $2.49/lb.! The cheeses! The Ajvar! The deli! How long has that place been there? It was an absolute zoo when we went yesterday evening, but we can't wait to go back and take a closer look after the holiday rush. Any specialty recommendations from the store? Is it a good place to buy meats?

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  1. Palace of Japan is expanding. I went by yesterday and it look close to finished.

    As for Garden Gourmet - it's been there a while now and is a great addition to the area. I haven't bought meat but the prepared foods are good. Be careful with the produce. The fruit is often a little past it's prime and you need to inspect every piece for damage/bruises.

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      Are there any vegan products in Garden Gourmet? I live in the Bronx too, but I usually go to Pathmark in Washington Heights.