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Dec 23, 2007 08:47 AM

BBQ sleeper? Buffalo Habanero Smoked Sausage at Whole Foods

I've now been to the BBQ stand in the 6th st Whole Foods several times over the last few months and find myself unable to leave without a quarter pound each of the smoked pork (boston butt I assume) and a link of the peppered sausage du jour (6 bucks if that, lasts all day, no carbs). Every time the pork falls apart with a "decent" level of smokiness (not of the depth of any Lockhart joint) and melts in the mouth. No bread, no sauce, it's delicious. But wow, the buffalo habanero sausage rivals what was my favorite until they ruined it with cheese - the Jalapeno Sausage from Black's. I'm not a fan of sausages that leave an Exxon Valdez oil spill on the plate (I'd rather get the fat from the pork or brisket or ribs). It's my new benchmark in Austin proper.

I ordered a bunch of the pork and sausage for a holiday party - and 2 indian "almost vegetarian" chicken eaters couldn't lay off the sausage, and hardly touched the smoked chickens.

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  1. Agreed on that BBQ pork. One time, however, the guy chopped it up when I asked him to leave it whole--chopping it tends to dry it out, believe it or not. Defintely a lot of folks are gonna want that pork left more in whole pieces. Its really good on some of their poppy seed covered dinner rolls, which are like 59 cents each.

    Thanks for the tip on the Buffalo Habanero sausage, Ted! I'm still pretty dissapointed that Black's is ruining their Jalapeno sausage with what seems to be Velveeta (or some cheaper version of processed cheese, possibly made in Myanmar).