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Dec 23, 2007 08:47 AM

pho in cincinnati-an oxymoron??

unbelievably,there are no pho joints in the cinti/ area.ok,there is a place in clifton that claims to have a pho dish on the menu,buta recent visit there resulted in probably the worst,overpriced poor excuse for pho that i have yet to consume. i frequently get the shakes and tremors when the pho urge hits me-and no local remedy exists. or does it? anyone have any info to the contrary?currently my fixes have taken me to atlanta,houston,s.fla. etc.
kinda rough on the purse.can anyone prescribe a remedy to my affliction?

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  1. well it's not a joint but jean robert's pho paris in covington does have it on the menu. by the way - i bet you'd get more responses if you moved this to the midwest board. i just happen to be a transplanted cincinnatian.

    1. you could try song long off reading road. we used to go there often when we lived in cinci. i remember pho paris as trying to hard and not quite hitting the mark--it was my least favorite of jean robert's restaurants.