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Dec 23, 2007 08:19 AM

St. Louis: Birthday dinner on Dec. 25.

My husband's birthday is Tuesday, and we are looking for a non-"Christmas dinner" restaurant to go with our teens and some friends.
Do any St. Louis hounds have suggestions for Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, or other restaurants where we can eat vegetarian or pescatarian (not shellfish) at a moderate price?

Thanks, p.j.

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  1. Harrah's is open on Christmas Day, and they have just expanded their buffet so that is the "size of a football field". This is part of Harrah's effort to keep people from going to the new casino, Lumiere Place. I am a vegetarian who ate at Harrah's when the buffet was much smaller, and I found a lot to enjoy on the buffet..

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    1. re: Doug

      Thanks for the idea. We have never gone to any of the casinos. Do you have to be 21 yoa to get into the restaurant (as opposed to the casino)?
      Take care, p.j.

      1. re: p.j.

        Nope, anyone can eat at the restaurants (outside of the gaming area.) You do need to be 21 to eat at the snack bar thing inside the casino itself.

    2. Two places that immediately come to mind are India Palace, at the top of the Airport Plaza Inn, and Blueberry Hill. BH I know for sure is open, and I am about 98% positive that India Palace is too.

      BH isn't ethnic, but it is fun, and open, and good for teens.
      India Palace is always very accommodating for special events, and the food is just great -- my fave Indian in the area. Last year we went there for New Years dinner with 15 people and the staff could not have been more attentive and helpful.

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      1. re: litchick

        Thanks for your suggestions. I think my DH spent too much time at Blueberry Hill when he was at Wash U. many moons ago. Anyway, he doesn't want to go there.

        I just called India Palace. They had a buffet lunch, but are closing at 2 pm.
        take care, p.j.