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Dec 23, 2007 08:14 AM

Quintessential NOLA... in a day

Hey all,

I'm here in NOLA for a single day with my two college buddies and we're looking for the quintessential NOLA dining experience. Oysters are a must (saw that thread), but we're also looking for some great creole food. We're staying in the Quarter, but we're willing to walk a ways to dinner if need be. We're all students, so we're hoping for somewhere not super expensive (less than $30 a piece).

If you only had a single meal in New Orleans, where would it be?

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  1. Brigtsen's, but 30pp is tough, unless you forgo drinks/wine.

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      What's restaurants will be open Christmas Day in NOLA that won't break the bank?

    2. I used to live in N.O-thirty dollars is going to be rough to find. But there is a place that is casual and you can get some oysters and some of our great New Orleans sandwich's. It is called Cafe Maspero. It is located across from the old Jax Brewery near Jackson Square. Whenever I am going to be in the French Quarter I love to eat here. They do not take cards so make sure you bring cash. There is an ATM in the back if you need it. Usually there is a line to get in but it is worth the wait. The atmosphere is casual.
      You can go here if you want to see more.

      1. Wow, $30 is tough. Me, I'd forego the iTunes, and maybe a few meals, back home, and to Galetoire's. If you do not do drinks, or wine, you just might do it for $45/person.

        I also love Brigtsen's, but without a trolley running out that far [I think that the continuation of the St. Charles line will be early '08], the cab will eat into your budget, big time.

        I'd urge you to "kick it up a notch," and you will get the best (FQ and NOLA experience) and can always come back to the memories. Trust me, it WILL be worth the few extra $'s.


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Streetcar began running its full St. Charles course Sun. 12/23/07.

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            Great! Thanks for the update. Now, I can recommend Brigtsen's to those, staying in the FQ, who do not want to "cab it." Glad to hear this excellent news.


        2. There's Coop's, Acme, Felix's, actually lots of places where you can get a cheap meal in the Quarter

          1. I couldn't agree more -- pinch pennies at home, and treat yourselves right!

            Another enthusiastic vote for Brigtsen's. It's very popular, so the sooner you can reserve a table, the better.

            723 Dante St.
            Closed Sunday and Monday

            The Carrollton leg of the streetcar route won't be functioning 'til '08, but it won't matter, since you'll be hopping off at the very end of St. Charles Avenue and walking towards the river.

            Streetcar fare is $1.25, EXACT CHANGE ONLY. The cars rumble along at a very leisurely speed, so I'd allow 50 minutes from the time you get on at Canal Street (at either the corner of Carondolet or the corner of St. Charles) to get to Brigtsen's.

            Print out and take a map:


            Have a great time!