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Dec 23, 2007 07:56 AM

Big Supermarket in Queens with Organic products

My wife and I are moving from Brooklyn to Sunnyside Gardens in a couple of weeks and are incredibly excited. I have been reading all of the sunnyside threads, taking notes and will report back as I begin to explore this neighborhood.

One thing I am going to miss about Brooklyn is the new Fairway in Red Hook. We have making a weekly pilgrimage over in our car and loading up with a big shop for the week. One of the things we love about it is the readily available Organic products at rather good prices (particularly dairy, meat and vegetables). Is there a comparable store in Queens where we can go for such a large supply of both organic and regular products. Parking lot is a major plus!

If not, are there smaller places around Sunnyside where we can get organic stuff- particularly meat and dairy?

I am looking forward to experiencing all that sunnyside, and it neighboring areas, have to share chow-wise and beyond. Thanks!

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  1. Trader Joe's on Metropolitan Ave, just off of Woodhaven. Lots of parking. Natural Market in Forest Hills, Austin parking.

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood! While the closest thing to a fairway is the new trader joe's already mentioned, it's a bit of a trip. I can tell you about the local stuff, though. The met foods on 43rd ave btw. 44th & 45th st is overall a pretty good store that has been increasing its organic selection over the past year or so. The organic produce selection is now, while not exhaustive, pretty good, and the non-organic stuff is good quality and has a pretty good selection. They also have been increasing the amount of organic grocery products, a surprisingly wide variety of good beers, and other such things. Not exhaustive, but will save more than a few trips. To my knowledge no organic meat. The store at 46th & skillman is smaller and has some cool stuff, but a more limited produce selection, and no meat section. For meat we mostly go to the butcher block (42nd st, maybe? I forget, but it's just north of qns blvd). I don't remember the organic situation but it's higher quality for sure, and not that prepackaged stuff. There is a very small health food store on qns. blvd btw. 45th & 46th, but I haven't been there more than a handful of times. Worth a try.

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        Thanks Eric and Catherine! We will start to check out these local places.

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          One of my neighbors in Jackson Heights swears that driving to Fairway in Red Hook from here is actually a breeze on weekend mornings. So if you haven't found what you crave in Sunnyside (have you?), maybe a weekend pilgrimmage to the old stomping grounds is in order.

          here is the thread about driving to fairway from JH

      2. You can check out natural and trade fair from some things, but there's really nothing comparable BQE, You could easily spend that much time getting from Sunnyside Gardens to Forest Hills on the local streets.

        We live in Maspeth (about ten minutes from Sunnyside Gardens), and we go to Fairway a lot in the summer. We usually hit the ball fields while we're out there, too.

        1. Another option is to order from Freshdirect or join the Sunnyside Community Supported Agriculture Cooperative

          1. Another alternative is Fairway in Manetto Hills. Take the Grand Central which becomes the Northern State to exit 37. Take a right and it's at the second traffic light. It's about a 20 minute drive from Forest Hills.

            We live near Natural which is a very nice store, but oh those prices! (And pantry moths.) No one has coffee like Fairway does.

            Trader Joe's is fun, but very weak in the vegetable dept.

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              no big supermarket, but some additional choices for convenience in Sunnyside/Woodside:

              1) Sunnyside has a CSA ( i think) which will keep you in organic produce from late May - late November. i *think* there's a farmers market in Sunnyside now too, on Skillman around 42nd, in front of the park

              2) Ottomanelli has a location on Woodside Ave in Woodside (just E of 61st on the S side of the street), and at least the Queens location carries natural/antibiotic/hormone free and humanely raised beef, pork, and chicken, etc. at reasonable prices and very fresh.

              3) there is a 24-hour store that is largely produce, but with also a grocery section on Roosevelt at around 60th. they have a decent selection of organic produce, and the grocery section has a large number of "health food store/natural" type products.

              4) if you like tofu, go to the Korean Market across the street on Woodside Ave (at Roosevelt) called (spelled wrong most likely) Hahn An Rehm -- they make tofu in the store that is fresh and delicious, and i just pretend that maybe, just maybe, it's made from non GMO soybeans.


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                Thanks for all of the great advice. We just moved in this week and are starting to explore. I think for now, we are going to take a trip out to the Red Hook fairway. But I need to explore the Met and see what they have. Also, I have heard about the farmer's market and I am very excited to check it out when the weather gets warmer. I will also look into the CSA. As soon as I get into the normal swing of things, I will report back. Thanks again for everything.