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Oct 22, 2000 05:02 PM

Fabio's or Capri in Venice - any feedback?

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I want to go to dinner this Wednesday night at either Fabio's or Capri, both on Abbot-Kinney.

Any feedback? I have tried Lilly's, Hal's, and Joe's, but would like to try something new.

Any other suggestions in that vicinity?

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  1. Both of the places mentioned trying are mediocre but all of the places you have already been are great. You could try Axe if you want. You will probably get less Yuppie attitude on a week-night. Personally I would go back to any of the places you have already been. Angels is hit and miss but you might get a hit. It is near Abbott Kinney and Venice next to a Self Storage place. Very good beet salad and soups are nice too.

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      Based on one experience, a Sunday night last month, I would concur that Fabio's food is mediocre (unanimous verdict of the four in our group). The service was pretty bad too, on a night when there were only a few other customers.

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        Don't even waste your time at Fabio's! Not worth it at

    2. The original comment has been removed