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Dec 23, 2007 06:13 AM

Food gifts I've gotten [moved from South board]

Every year I get a fair amount of food gifts from various online/retail outlets. Thought it might be interesting to list them with a comment good or bad. The good ones for me have lead to regular ordering thoughout the year. Anyone care to add any for me to try?

Wine Country -- nice baskets filled with very good things. Not something I'd use except for gift giving though.

Fairytale brownies -- goodness, these are rich, decadent, chocolate delights. If you have a chocolate craving and these don't satisfy it -- well you're in trouble.

Hickory Farms -- Good sausages. Like the cheese if it is not processed.

Swiss Colony -- inexpensive version of HF. Not very good

Omaha Steaks -- I really don't like these and I get a lot of them. I think a good supermarket has better quality. Maybe it's me because they sure are popular.

Rube -- great steaks. This was the first year on these and they are very good. I bookmarked this one for future ordering.

Kansas City Steaks -- much better than Omaha, but I think I like Rube better.

Wolfermans -- very good English Muffins. So thick and lots of good flavors

Loveless Cafe -- I'm not country ham person, but if you are, and like really sweet jams, then this might work for you.

Harry and David -- I think this place is a bit overrated. Good fruit, but is it worth the price?

Cheryls -- yes, she can make cookies for me anytime she wants!!

Trader Joe's -- chocolate pepermint bark. Comes in a tin. I got a bunch of these to give as gifts and made the mistake of trying one of them. Had to go back and get more.

Squirrel Brand Nuts -- love their cashews and trail mix. However, Oprah's must have truffle dusted almonds I thought were gross. Took them to work and put them on my desk. People couldn't resist trying them but NOBODY liked them -- even a little. Made for some high comedy though.

Enstrom's Peppermint Cookie Bark -- very good, similar to TJ's above.

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  1. 1) See's chocolates.
    2) Chocolate covered black walnuts from Hammon's Nut Emporium.
    3) Almond macaroons from Fralinger's (on Atlantic City boardwalk).
    4) Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate from UKGoods (in US).
    5) Wolfermann's English Muffins.
    6) And Royal Riviera Pears from Harry & David, of course.

    1. I agree with you about Omaha Steaks. I have an aunt who keeps sending me their items. Ok--I know. It's the thought that counts. But I've come to the conclusion she's trying to induce cardiac arrest. The first "package" was prepared chicken breasts--chicken kiev, chicken cordon bleu.
      The sodium content was staggering. (And she's a nurse. HELLO!!!!) For Christmas, it was 100 slices (yes, one hundred) of pre-cooked bacon slices and a cheesecake. If another one comes, I'm not going to open it.

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      1. re: perk

        If only she would just send you their steaks. They're of good quality, and have been dry aged. There's better steak for the money to be had elsewhere, but if it's not your money they're pretty tasty!

        My Blog:

      2. Thanks for all the information. It is really useful as I always need gift ideas. Have to disagree about the Squirrel Brand truffle almonds, however. I received a box and loved them. Here's the thing, have to like truffles (the fungus, not the chocolate) or you will not "get" it.

        1. My aunt and uncle used to send my mother and myself fruitcakes from Collins street bakery, We both donated out cakes to a free meal program. We usually replied with gift certs from West Point Market, or Dean and Deluca.

          I like to use West Point Market, but they have a limited gift repertoire.

          My older sister sent me See's chocolates, and usually asks for a smoked country ham from Streb's meats( a N-E Ohio producer)

          Artlee, I have given many gift certs from Cheryl and Co, as they are very popular with clients.

          My Mom loves the baklava from Harry and David.

          Godiva chocolate is popular with some people, but I think it is very overrated, IMVHO

          My favorite place to purchase chocolates is Harry London's, in Canton Ohio.

          1. We always get Harry and David Royal Riveira pears and love them.

            I have given my mother pork from Berkshire Meats twice and of course had to order some for myself and it is really, really good.

            Nueske hams and bacon are great.

            Grateful Palate Bacon of the Month Club is fun and delicious too.

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            1. re: GretchenS

              A co-worker brought me one of her H&D pears yesterday (she received too many..LOL!) but it was SWEET and JUICY as sugar...I loved it--I mean, I was swooning over it...and I felt good that I'd sent some to relatives this year. I never order stuff for myself but it's nice to sample what you have sent someone. And another co-worker put some Wolferman's in the employee fridge for sharing so I'll try 1/2 of one on Monday...sent those also to someone but have never tried them myself.