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Oct 21, 2000 09:19 PM

Help! Any one know of ChungDu style Xiao Chi in LA?!?!?!?

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The best meal of my entire life was eating Xiao Chi, in the city of Chung Du, which is in the SiChuan Province of China. I never thought I'd be able to say that but hands down it was the best eating experince of my life.

Does anyone know of a place that serves authentic and delicious Xiao Chi in LA that isn't tamed down for blander palates??? Please Help!

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  1. I'm not sure what Xiao Chi is, but pretty much the only authentic Sichuanese restaurant in L.A. is Fu Shing in Pasadena. You could always call them and ask.

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      The only good non-tourist Szechwan which comes to mind is Best Szechwan, which sits in a small shopping mall with several other Chinese restaurants at 534 E. Valley Bl. in San Gabriel (1 block west of San Gabriel Bl.). There used to be Chengdu Dynasty on Garvey in Monterey Park, but they closed down.

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      Raul Gutierrez

      3 Great Xiao Chi (little dish) restaurants:

      Lu's Garden 534 E Valley

      Mastro's Food (3 Village)

      Tung Lai Shun 140 W. Valley Blvd San Gabriel

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        Which one should I try first?

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          They are all close to each other... since you are eating little dishes, go hungry and try all three!