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Oct 21, 2000 07:21 PM

Great Japanese BBQ

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I'm a great lover of Japanese BBQ and my favorite place outside of Japan is Nanbankan on Santa Monica Blvd. (at Corinth) near the 405. Try the grilled asparagus and the grilled garlic... you'll be hooked too.

I've been looking for a similar place in Little Tokyo but the closest I've come is that all-chicken place which pales in comparison. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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  1. Nanbankan does indeed have great food, but has one drawback - if you go there with a large party, you will wait forever because of their seating policy. I had a party of eight and we watched several parties of four seated while we waited. I asked how long it would be until we were seated and was told that as soon as two parties of four at adjacent tables left at the same time, we would be seated. They would not allow a table to be vacant for even a few minutes while the party with the adjacent table finished. We left and went elsewhere. I still go there when I'm with no more than three other people, because they really are the best.

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      Nanbankan, for my money, has some of the best food in LA (Seating policy or not). I'd also love to hear about any other similar type restaurants. I live near downtown so I'd love to hear about something in Little Tokyo.

      (Note the seating is only a problem if you have a big group of 6 or more and show up at peak times...)

    2. I haven't tried nanbankan yet (it's on the list), but I've enjoyed the Japanese BBQ place on the west side of Sawtelle in the strip mall just north of Olympic (it's beside the Hurry Curry of Tokyo and various other places). It's kind of an interesting cross between a Japanese and Korean eating experience.

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        The name of the place is Manpuku.

      2. Thank you so much for introducing me to my new favorite restaurant. I ate there last night and it was so good I went back today! The grilled asparugus is amazing as is the negima and the kawa. Thanks again. I can't believe I had never heard of it. Unfortunately I don't think your going to find anything as good in Little Tokyo.

        1. Your glowing reviews tempted me all the way over to the West Side (cue dramatic sigh) to try Nanbankan, and it wouldn't be fair not to thank you. Having my boyfriend - a conservative eater - in tow, we pretty much stuck to the grilled basics: asparagus, garlic, beef (soooo good it melted in our mouths), chicken, salmon (still great but not as good as the rest). Even the simple beginning salad was REALLY tasty. The small group next to us ordered "sushi" (CA rolls) - anyone tried their rolls or non-grilled items? Or should I just be quiet and stick with a winner?

          Anyhow, thanks a lot for your recommendations. Viva Chowhounds.