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Dec 23, 2007 12:47 AM

Chocolate mochi

Now that I've mentioned I liked a chain sub, I might as add more perversity to my Chowhound cred. I was in Fugetsu-do, the Japanese confectionary on First Street in Little Tokyo yesterday and they were packaging up chocolate mochi. The idea doesn't appeal to me; I'm more a kinako on white mochi kind of guy. I think it's new thing and thought those of you with a hankerin' might want to check it out.

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  1. Fugetsu-do and their mochi have had quite a few positive posts here on the LA board. Another local poster (goodhealthgourmet) also found a purveyor (Moonpillows) of a variety of different flavors of mochi truffles, (which they sell at a few of our local farmers markets). Here's a link to their website which lists which farmers markets where they can be found.

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    1. re: Servorg

      I emailed this site and they have a wonderful quick response. They are not at any farmer's markets at this time, but they do deliver to Long Beach as well, which made me very happy. I intend to try these very soon as they look and sound delicious.

      1. re: justagthing

        do try moonpillows...they're insanely delicious. i was so pissed that i ran late with my errands today & missed them at the brentwood farmers' market! gotta go next'll be my last chance before moving back to NY.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Call them or email them. They are having free delivery to WLA and downtown on certain Fridays. The next one is on Fri. March 14. I'm actually planning to bring some to my brother and nieces in NY in a couple weeks.

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            thanks for the heads-up. i want to bring some to my parents when i head's gonna kill me because i know she'll absolutely adore them.

    2. I've been going to Fugetsu-do for decades. Remembering when they intro'd peanut butter mochi :) Since I love pnb and love mochi, it is a great blend imo.

      Anyways, tried the chocolate in October. They're ok, and a pleasant change. Taste best with hot tea or coffee.

      I prefer ohagi or the pink and white striped mochi.

      1. I must have just missed them -- I stopped in yesterday afternoon and they were out of the chocolate but they had lots of the peanut butter mochi -- my favourite. It should be mentioned that it is *crunchy* peanut butter, very important.
        I love this place.

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          I love the crunchy peanut butter mochi too, but my latest craze is the Moonpillows mochi truffles. Tried their French Roast, Key Lim, and Chocolate Hazelnut flavors today. They were amazing! If you are a mochi fan, you've got to try them!

        2. Is the chocolate completely incorporated into the mochi, not a glob of chocolate covered by mochi?

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            Oh, since this original post I've become a devotee of the chocolate in addition to the peanut butter mochi. It's both, actually -- The chocolate is incorporated into the mochi, and it is a nice cocoa-y flavour, not too sweet. There is, however, an additional gooey chocolate glob in the middle, much like the glob of peanut butter in the PB mochi.

            It's also the right season for sakura (translation: cherry blossom) treats, really lovely.

          2. Found these at the Misuwa Market at Costa Mesa - both PB and also the chocolate, so couldn't resist and got one of each.

            Hated the PB. Not sure what the fruit flavor was, but it's just kind of odd. I liked the chocolate one, but was expecting a much softer texture for the mochi. Not sure if it's because the package wasn't fresh? But the chocolate one still didn't beat my all time favorite chocolate mochi at the Homemaid Bakery in Hawaii:

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            1. re: notmartha

              notmartha, forget the packaged stuff. you MUST try moonpillows.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Those looked good - I saw the other thread and I love key lime and passionfruit. I am no where near Brentwood or Downtown though.

                1. re: notmartha

                  You may want to email them. I live in Long Beach and they said they will deliver here, for a fee of course, but it is a thought.