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Dec 23, 2007 12:41 AM

Vietnamese food in Honolulu

Any recommendations for the best/most authentic Vietnamese food in Honolulu. A friend of a friend moved here recently and was looking for where to go.

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  1. You can find good pho at many places but if your friend is looking for more variety, they should try Bac Nam on King Street. This spot has been mentioned on this board a few times with all reports positive. I've never had bad food there. Here is a review from a couple of years ago that still holds true:

    1. My favorite place is Cuu Long in Aiea. I have been to Vietnam several times, and have studied the culture and language extensively for my career, and Cuu Long is always going to be my favorite place. My husband and I go there at least twice a week (this is the place that converted him to a pho addict!). The pho is fresh and not greasy, and the flavors just meld together so well. The other dishes are good, too. It is located on Kam Hwy across from Pearlridge Mall, in a strip mall with 24 Hour Fitness.