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Dec 23, 2007 12:14 AM

Seattle - Best Chocolate Cake?

I'm visiting Seattle next week and traveling with a Chocolate-Cake-aholic, where should we go for all chocolate cake? He likes his chocolate cake all chocolate, undiluted by fruit, nuts, etc.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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    1. If you want a most decadent piece of chocolate cake, I highly recommend The Metropolitan Grill. Although it is a steakhouse, once I had their chocolate cake I found that none could compare.

      You might also want to try Dilletante's on Capital Hill. Word has it that the original owner was a baker for the Czar of Russia. They have some outstanding chocolate desserts. And their factory is on 23rd and Cherry, a very not nice neighborhood, so be sure to go during daylight hours. They sell imperfect chocolates, but still good all the same. They also have a location at Kent Station. Happy chocolate eating!

      Oh, I almost forgot the Tiramisu at Fondi in Kent Station. So light, it just melts in your mouth! Excellent!