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Dec 22, 2007 11:19 PM

Mangiare Bene in G'burg

Has anyone been to this new place in Gaithersburg? Please tell about it. I can't seem to locate a webpage. Thanks!

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  1. We went for lunch today. They have a 9.99 lunch buffet that's filled with tired slop, much of it not even really Italian-type (beef stew, chicken something -- maybe florentinesque, candied yams, a big bowl of yellow rice, cheese pizza, some desserts including german chocolate cake that was dry enough to be several days old, rice pudding which was a fave with our little ones, ice cream). Completely uninteresting. I ordered a personal pizza (veggie-delite) off the menu and if it weren't for the overwhelming green olive flavor, there would have been no flavor at all. Undercooked bland veggies on an undercooked bland crust. I glanced at the dinner menu... mostly red-sauce standards available in single serving ($11-12ish) and family style ($24+). My 6 year old deemed it (after a plate of spaghetti) "one of my favorite places ever, that I'd like to come back to as much as possible!" to which my husband and I exchanged knowing grins and shook our heads pleasantly. I don't have any plans to return. Buca di beppo does it better than this place. Makes me miss the Longhorn.

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      Thanks for the tip! We won't waste a trip.

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        I've been there several times for dinner and once for lunch. Wasn't a huge fan of the lunch buffet but the food was okay. For dinner its been a different experience... the food has been excellent. The chicken parm is very good. Pasta has been perfect. Their fried mozzarello is unique and very good as well.

        If going for lunch I suggest ordering the pizza (is on the buffett as well) which was a thin crust, didn't look particularly good... but had a very good flavor.

      2. Went last week for dinner. Was not overly impressed. Service was very slow, though there were only 3 table soccupied and lots of wait staff around. Veal Parm arrived with burnt cheese not so cleverly covered with extra sauce, and only one bit at the very edge was still crispy. Rest was soggy fried, suggesting it waited a long while for my not so busy server to get to it. Best part of the meal was the unlimited warm bread and bruschetta-like sauce that comes with it.

        1. I just went there for dinner with my Italy born and raised mother on Sunday night and the food was excellent. It is authentic, traditional down to earth Italian food like you find in the local trattorias in Italy. If you want fancy nouvelle cuisine, this is not the place for you, but if you want the real deal, this is about the only good Italian restaurant that I've found in Maryland (I'm not a native). I attribute this to the lack of any real Italian population here (I'm from north Jersey!). Back to the restaurant, it's moderately priced, and the portions are generous. Both mom and I brought half of our dinners home for leftovers. I had mine (veal and pasta in a white wine cream sauce) today for lunch and even reheated, it was absolutely delicious. Mom also raved about her 'frutti di mare alla venezia' meal. Just for comparison, I think Olive Garden is to Italian what Taco Bell is to authentic Mexican (a horrible insult to the culture and cuisine), and Bucca Di Beppo is a 'wanna be' place which tries to put on a good show, but just doesn't measure up.

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            I can't help but notice that this is the only comment you've made on this website and that it reads more like a marketing pitch than it does a messageboard comment. I'll bet $20 that you have more of an interest in this restaurant than simple italian diner with an authentic italian mother. Come on. You're not fooling anybody, your comment reads like a commercial.

            If you want to do this company good, persuade the owner to hire new staff. Maybe scrap the menu and try again with food that doesn't taste like soggy paper, and make the inside of the restaurant not look like a dusty VFW.

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              Thanks for the comment tqc. I agree.

          2. For what it's worth, here's the website:


            1. The original comment has been removed