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Dec 22, 2007 09:49 PM

Any good food in Ashland or Rogue Valley?

Just moved to the area and wanted to enjoy the local spots. Any recent recommendations?

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  1. We just stopped at Morning Glory cafe on Siskiyou Blvd for brunch on our way up to Portland and enjoyed it. A warm and inviting spot.

    1. You should search this board as there are many responses to this question. For the most part, over the last year there has been few changes to the food scene. New Sammy's is the best as far as I'm concerned. Just went for lunch on Friday. You will find it between Talent and Ashland. Ashland has many decent restaurants. The better ones are Pilaf and Deep's for Indian. I find most of the others of less value than these two. The local brewpub, Standing Stone hasn't changed their menu in the almost ten years I've been going. Great American has the best pizza. Do wish for a decent Asian place but so far nothing has developed that is worthy. If you came from the Bay Area as we did, it will be your biggest loss.
      Not that knowledgeable on Medford but do like Elements.
      We've got a great group of local posters who will fill in my gaps. Boy, Susan, Ann, any help?

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        Thanks for the response. I have read the past years post. My wife and I love Elements and Porters, just around the corner. Never heard of Morning Glory before. I have heard that Pilaf is for sale and the owner, Susan Powell, will keep up her work with Global Pantry.

        Is there a list of Ashland area posters?

        1. re: skipperr

          You, rob, and me right now.
          Here's some local threads:

          I'll list some places by town tomorrow.
          Mondays is $1.00 taco day at La Tapitia in Phoenix,
          (99 SB just past 1st street) They are closed on Tuesdays.
          Where'd you move from, Skipperr?

          1. re: bbqboy

            Thanks for the info bbqboy. I'm from south Georgia, Jesup, near Savannah and the coast. Although we lived in the Seattle area for 7 years.
            I too am a bbq fan, where are you from?

          2. re: skipperr

            Speaking of breakfast...Brothers, a 25 year Ashland fave for brekkie and lunch, was bought by the two fellows who formerly owned the Country Willows B&B and made it a great place. When we talked last Fall they said they didn't want to mess with a good thing and would keep it pretty much the same but recently they redid the interior ( a good thing). Not sure if they'll make menu changes as well but they are perfectonists so I predict things will only get better at this standby. Yep, Pilaf is for sale and closed for the winter but I have been doing some private parties there and a fair amount of catering from the GP kitchen as well. I've been concentrating on updating the spreadsheets for the granola and other products and labelling the spice blends and spiffing up the packaging.
            Back to the subject of New Sammy's, Skipperr should know about their bread which is truly the staff of life and available at local markets and at the Grower's Market in season. Other great local places that come to mind are Cucina Biazzi and Beasey's on the Creek. Sadly, Zingaro's is gone but Chris, the owner of Hong Kong Bar will be bringing back the original Asian menu in the restaurant space the last I heard.

            1. re: honcha

              Glad you're still alive!
              What's your GP operation? Didn't know about that!
              The Far East got bought and taken over just 5 days ago. I'd never been in there til Christmas eve. What a cool space! Charlie Chan retro Red leatherette.
              Medford is the new Ashland.

              1. re: bbqboy

                Ha! That's funny! and there's some truth in it as well. I never would have thought to go to the Far East though I always admire the neon! Maybe it's the red leather I like about Omar's! No, no, it was the food...Anyway, GP is Global Pantry which is the business I was starting when I hedged my bets and opened Pilaf as a lunch counter for the rice and legume products and spices GP does. We also make three flavors of OreGranola which you'll see around in bulk bins and retail packs of you're a granola kind of guy...Stop in and say howdy. Water St. across from skate park...

                1. re: honcha

                  Well I knew that! I thought you'd jumped the shark and opened some catering business in Grants Pass. That'll teach me to figure everyone shortens stuff the way I do! where is your daughter's place?:)

                  1. re: bbqboy

                    Ha again! That'll be the day, although grants Pass might be the new Medford! Sloe is on Main St. where Sambuca used to be, right above Deli Down, which btw is a very popular joint. It's just upstream from the corner of Riverside and Main so you have to turn right before and then curve around to get onto Main. There's parking down a ramp just after you cross the bridge. She had a couple of good reviews, and of course I endorse it! Try the olive fritters.

          3. re: runninrob

            Hi Y'all! Suzannapilaf checking in! I haven't been hounding much recently due to health issues in my family, which is also why Pilaf is closed and on the market, so I don't have too much to add. New Sammy's is terrific as always and now much more accessible since they are open for lunch with the new addition. It's as hard to miss now as it was to find before with a big stucco facade, sort of like the Alamo meets Tuscany, which is not inappropriate I guess for a cowboy bistro. You park on the left and enter on the right through a gaily painted little courtyard area that should be delightful in nice weather and inside there are hammered copper tabletops, comfy chairs, a very long communal table, and beautifully designed wine bar. Weekdays it is manned by Michael McRae, an interesting fellow who has traveled the world writing for mags like Nat'l Geo. The short list is impressive (of course the big book is awesome...) and the lunch menu is great and reasonably priced. We had roasted quail served on a bed of toasty crumb "dressing", a burger with Crater Lake blue on a perfect bun, and the picnic sampler of many delicious bits and pieces. For dessert we had a crepe gateau filled with pawpaw puree. Who but Charlene knew what a pawpaw is and that they grow locally? Lunch isn't served in the old dining room and the new room is overflow seating at dinner. We didn't need a reservation but this is winter.

            This was the first year in eleven that I didn't participate in the JPR Wine tasting event and went as a civilian. By far I thought the best offering was from the new place T's - a crispy rice paper cup with some sort of sashimi and Elements did their bacon wrapped stuffed dates which are always a hit and some other things I don't remember as well. The T's chef (sorry his name eludes me right now) was formerly at Peerless and did a good job at the Chamber's first annual food and wine event though didn't win. But that reminds me of a logstanding but often overlooked Ashland restaurant - Omar's. Many people thought James should have won the event since his dishes were flawless and he really used the specified ingredients as the focus. I had a great meal there last summer with friends and was surprised by how good everything was.

            38 Central in Medford has a good reputation and my daughter opened her own place there called Sloe Bar & Grill. I'm on my way to buy a Mail Trib right now because they just gave her a great review!

            Oh, and ditto great American but I sure wish they would do a spelt crust and also the Creekside Pizza Bistrot has good pies. Haven't tried Kobe yet but hear it's good, if pricey.

          4. You should try The Arbor House. Its in Talent. Family run, opened in 1979. Delicious food and carefully chosen wine. The place has amazing character too. The walls are covered with incredible black and white photographs of local characters, mostly from back in the 70's. Its a great place, highly recommended.