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Dec 22, 2007 09:35 PM

Skyline chili lover-Raleigh, NC

I am looking for a place I could buy cans of Skyline Chili...Their website is very overpriced.

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  1. I have seen it in the freezer case in Harris-Teeter here in Winston-Salem. I can't vouch for its authenticity or quality, however.

    1. can skyline chili be overpriced? i'm getting desparate at this point and am considering buying from the website (and maybe throw in some chocolate chocolate chip from graeters).

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      1. re: syzafar

        I think you might be better off making your own,,The Frugel Gourmey had a recipe years ago and it was great,,Ive tried the frozen concoction from the grocery stores and it wasnt very good,,,

        1. re: orzobino

          i find the freezer better than canned. personally. they definitely taste different. i can get both at krogers here in richmond. i know friends got them in harris teeters in charlottesville.

          there is a blue packet/can of cincinnati style for make your own that i like too. i used to make it a lot with turkey when i didn't eat red meat.

          i've also found that grocery stores can get things for you if you ask.

          1. re: AMFM

            it looks like there are krogers in your area. because it is a cincy based grocery store i've never met one that didn't have at LEAST the frozen. bet at least one in town has the cans too. they can be hard to find though. call and ask. and if for some reason they don't i KNOW they'll get it if you ask. kroger's as a company carries it.

      2. I have ordered a case of cans from the Kroger near 54 and Fayetteville in Durham a number of times. It comes out pretty authentic.....the hard part is getting the right cheese consistency.

        1. I had the frozen stuff. Never again. Awful.

          Try finding a recipe on-line.

          1. Have you tried the Cincinatti chili at Hard Times chili place in Glenwood South? Maybe it is closer than buying frozen?

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            1. re: VaNC

              No. Don't bother. The majority of Harris Teeters and Krogers throughout NC have the frozen kind, with spaghetti and w/out (better, imho) and some Krogers have the canned. The frozen is usually near the frozen cheeseburgers.