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Dec 22, 2007 08:33 PM

ISO a great dinner in Chicago

My husband and I are flying to Chicago December 28th and are in search of a great dinner that night (Friday). We're staying at the Monaco at Wabash and Wacker and are thinking with the weather we should look at something close by...

Any recs???? Not worried about money - just a great meal! THANKS!

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  1. what type of food do you like? i wouldnt worry about the area as much because you will be taking a cab on any trip of more than 2 or 3 blocks.

    Also, next week alot of the "top" restaurants are closed. That said, here are a couple of my recomendations (all in hotels) so they will be open.

    1) Avenues at the peninsula (not sure if you can get a reservation this late, but it is the best tasting menu in the city)

    2) Aria at the Fairmont, very good contemporary American

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      Thanks so much! Wasn't aware that they would be closed but suppose it makes sense. We are very open to all kinds of food - love sushi, italian... you name it! Appreciate the recs.

      1. re: SChalfant

        If you're looking for Italian and aren't concerned about price check out Spiaggia a short cab ride up Michigan Avenue for probably the best upscale Italian in the Midwest. A little less pricey but also nearby is Merlo for traditional Bolognese cuisine.

        1. re: jbw

          Topo or Frontera if you want great Mexican. Doubtful you can get a reservation at Topo. You can call Frontera at 8:30 that morning. They have a limited number of same day reservations available.

          1. re: jbw

            If Spiaggia is out of your price range, consider its little brother, Cafe Spiaggia, right next door.