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Dec 22, 2007 06:54 PM

Best Linguica and/or Portuguese Blood sausages in LA?

Used to find Silva Brand Portuguese Sausage (linguica) in bulk at Sam's Club but they've recently stop selling them due to low turnover. Are there other good local brands here in LA? I sometimes buy sausages at Marukai which are generally shipped over from Hawaii like MIko, Purity, Redondo, Gouveia, and some other newer brands. There used to be Suarez brand but I don't see them anymore? Does anyone make them fresh here in LA? Also looking for some good Portuguese blood sausage where the only place I've ever found them was in Hawaii at the Gouveia factory located in Kakaako. I've seen German blood sausage at Alpine Village but never Portuguese style ones.

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  1. Best place in LA County is the Portazil Bakery in Cerritos. It's in a mini-mall surrounded by mainly Indian food and clothing stores. They carry Linguica and Morcella (blood sausage) from both Central California New England ones too. The inventory is erratic sometimes, but note that the New England Sausage Co, New Bedford, Mass make much spicier sausages than the California makers. Sometimes they have Salpican -- a cured pork loin like the Russian Rubelskya, solid meat. Some Italian Deli's carry Linguica as does Von's, but this a a liguica like pork sausage, not the real thing. It sort of taste like the real thing, but it is not rough cut -- real linguica is chucks about 1/4 inch square and it is marinated in wine vinegar. IT gives off a bright orange fat when cooked, best steamed in white wine then allowed to brown when the wine evaporates.

    In LA the La Hispanola Sausage Co. in Harbor City makes very old country style sausages. Their Morcella con cebolla is the real thing. (in Spanish it is pronounced More' see'ya, In Portuguese it is More'cella.) Their chorizo riojoana is very close to good linguica. Also their Bilbao Chorizo is great and a the best local sub for real linguica.

    At Portazil try the following things: Broa (white corm meal bread), the incredible rich butter from the Azore Islands and some of the other Azorian cheeses, plus locally made soft fresh white portuguese style "breakfast" cheese.

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      Portazil is long gone. However, Portugual Imports, on Artesia Blvd. just a block or so west of Pioneer Blvd. has a good selection of Portuguese sausages and other products.

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        For the record, the 'morcilla' is found at La EspaƱola Meats, Inc.

      2. As someone who spent a lot of money to have 5lbs shipped from Gaspar's in New Bedford, I was going to post skeptically about finding Linguica in LA. That was until my future MIL handed me a 1/2lb of Silva's she picked up from Ralphs in the Diamond Bar area for Christmas. Though the Sticker said it was a managers special for $1.99 I hope that does not mean they are discontinuing it. I will have to keep my eyes open for the possibilities and will definitely check out Portugal Imports.

        Plus I think Serrento's in Culver City makes a fresh Portugese Spiced Sausage but I find smoked versions much more to my liking.

        Take Care

        - P.

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          So far, my favorite local linquica brand is Silva. I heard they're located somewhere in central California? Sam's Club used to sell them in bulk (I think 5 pounds?) but they told me they recently discontinued it due to lack of volume sales.

          I like and prefer the Gouveia brand which is made in Hawaii because it comes closest to the taste and texture of the old-fashioned Portuguese sausage I remember as a kid. It had chunky smoked pork with a fair amount of fat which turned the oil bright orange when cooked. I always thought it was the paprika which gave it the color. Also, it had lots of garlic which gave it a lot of flavor.

          I used to pick up the Silva brand at the old Williams Market in Santa Maria which was eventually bought out by Von's. I believe Von's still carry Silva sausages at most of their locations.

        2. We use to buy Silva's linguisa sausage all the time and usually found it at Safeway. Unfortunately, no Safeways or Silva's linguisa here in Arkansas. You can find Silva Sausage Company in San Jose, CA, and they do have a website. One of these days, I'll find out if they will ship it.


          1. I buy the Silva Brand all the time from the Ralph's in Santa Monica (Cloverfield x Olympic). Used to buy the Nieto brand when I visited the Bay Area, but have never seen it for sale here.

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              I recently saw Silva sausages sold at the Costco in Santa Maria a couple of weeks ago and also another brand made by Cattaneo Bros. from San Luis Obispo. I thought I'd try the 1.5 pound Cattaneo package just to see how it tasted rather than the 3 pound bulk Silva brand this time around. It was OK but I think I still prefer Silva instead.
              There's something a little distinctive about the linguica made in California and the ones made in Hawaii and also the ones made back on the east coast. Each has their own different flavors. I somehow detect either allspice or oregano in the California brands while the ones made in Hawaii are more garlic-flavored. Also, the more recent made sausages are much leaner with less chunks of fat which I really miss. Good sausages are much tastier with a good amounts of fat. Not healthy but just tastier. Just my personal opinion though.