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Dec 22, 2007 06:40 PM

Cobble/Carroll/BK Heights - Why no good pad thai?

When I go to a thai restaurant, I may only get pad thai once or twice out of every 10 times. But sometimes, you just want pad thai, it's simple but delicious...when made well.

I've had this dish from Rice, Sea Asian, Ghang, Em, Joya, and Cafe Chili, and have not been the least bit impressed with any of them. I get take out once a week either from Em or Ghang and have always been very happy with their other's just something about everyone's pad thai. Is there somewhere in the neighborhood I'm missing that makes better pad thai?

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  1. I think you'll find that most people will say that you can't get a good pad thai anywhere in NYC. Certainly, I've fared no better at Sripriphai, Zabb, Pam Real Thai, or other places I've gone with people who've insisted on ordering pad thai. (I can't judge, I love pad see ew, and I've yet to find a truly mind-blowing version, though I seem to really like it most everywhere that makes it with the correct wide noodles.) I feel everyone does an average job with pad thai - that there are no true standouts, although I'd love to hear otherwise. The best I've had, and I'm not saying it was incredible or anything - just the best of a rather average bunch - was at Chelsea Thai Wholesale in Chelsea Market. Spicy, just greasy enough, and nicely fried tofu.

    Oh, and of the neighborhood joints in the South Brooklyn nabes, I've found Thai Sesame on Smith to be the best overall, but again, that's just the best of a rather average bunch.

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      Agree with sentiments above. I think that pad thai is never going to be the best dish at a Thai restaurant, even a good one. Also, Thai in NYC is fairly poor. I do think Joya and Song make some good curries, and their food has a crispness and freshness of flavor that other Thai restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan can't match.

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        I don't think pad thai should ever be the best dish at a Thai restaurant. That being said, I grew up in South Florida and had some great pad thai and don't think I've had anything nearly as good up here.

        I haven't tried Thai Sesame yet, so when I come back from holiday vacation I'll be sure to give it a shot-

    2. Have had better pad thai at Chance than at some of the thai places in the area, but it isn't totally consistent. I, too, love pad see ew and have been pretty consistently disappointed in it. I used to love it at a place called Simply Thai on Queens Blvd about 15 or so years ago, but I think they have changed owners a few times since then.

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        We find the pad thai and other dishes from Lemongrass on Court to be good. Very consistent, friendly and quick delivery w/in the neighborhood.

      2. We find the Pad Thai at Joya and Lantern to be quite good.

        Pad Thai as take-out seems like a revolting option. Steaming in the closed plastic containers on the way home, it all turns to mush. I could never understand the appeal of take out unless one is actually ill or homebound. The food never hold ups, and never tastes anything like when it is freshly prepared.