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Dec 22, 2007 06:08 PM

Newer to Seattle and in need of a list

I have lived in Seattle for about 9 months and I have the somewhat unfortunate situation of living right downtown, not that there is anything wrong with downtown, I just feel that I have not been able to adequately explore this awesome city. When I lived in Chicago I lived in a neighborhood so I traveled the city in my commute etc. Here I walk to work and don't get much of a chance to see what there is to see. My request is a list of restaurants within bus range (I have no car) that I have to visit. I would prefer restaurants that are not insanely priced but will take all suggestions. I want to get out to all the neighborhoods see new places, find great restaurants and see what there is to see.

Much Thanks!


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  1. For moderately priced right in your 'hood, I gotta recommend the Two Bells Tavern (4th/Bell) for hangin' out, and Mama's (2nd/Bell) if you like a kind of Tex-Mex deal. Not haute cuisine, but real yummy. Brasa on 4th and Lenora has a kill happy hour.

    1. In nine months I’m sure you’ve been to some places you liked and some you didn’t. Tell us some of the good and bad you’ve seen so far and I think we’ll be better able to help you.

      By the way, where did you live in Chicagoland?

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        I lived on the northside in Chicago. So far the restaurants that I've been to have been in Cap Hill or downtown-breakfast;Glo's -so so, two bells (good but over priced for what your getting) I liked Spitfire's happy hour, Wasabi Bistro is good, Umi Sushi is very good, Chandler's was very good, Shallot's was good, Serious pie was good but I don't know if I would do it again, some diner on Broadway 1 blk north of Denny - had the fried chicken- not good at all, McCormicks happy hour-good, Greek place in Fischer Plaza good, 5 Points - I tried twice at its always kinda a miss, Il Forniao- the driest piece of chicken to ever pass my lips. I know these are random places but my goal is to go to one new restaurant a week. I like italian, I miss really awsome greek food, a chinese restaurant that does not put peas and carots in the fried rice, good fish or crap cakes that doesn't cost a fortune. I could go on and on. I hope that gives a better idea.

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          Hi, Welcome to Seattle from another ex-Chicagolander. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to get used to the feeling of paying too much for food in Seattle, but I think the quality of food is generally pretty good here, especially if you stick to Seattle's strengths.

          Definitely head up the hill to the Pike-Pine corridor and stray south to the ID, there are lots of great places near downtown Seattle. In response specifically to your post, I would suggest-

          -For Greek, try Panos in Lower Queen Anne (I think on 5th Ave, next to Crow -- also good). You probably won't find fast food Greek as good as you could get in Chicago, though.
          -For Chinese, there are vast choices in the ID. My fave is Sichuan Cuisine at Jackson / 12th, I know lots of other people like 7 Stars across the street
          -For Italian, Tavolata in Belltown is pretty good. Seattleites love their Neapolitan pizza, and two places within easy reach are Tutta Bella on Denny and Via Tribunali on Capitol Hill
          -You mentioned fried chicken - the best I've had in Seattle is actually at a seafood place, the Flying Fish (on 1st or 2nd, I forget)

          Good luck!

          1. re: pusherman

            I just tried tutta bella's last week on the advise of some friends and I'm not sure if its just the one on Denny or what but I was not impressed. I really like the atmosphere but not the pizza. Flying fish is on my list too because the chef at my hotel just came from flying fish.

      2. If you give us what types of food you like and a price range, you might get better suggestions. From downtown, you have easy bus access to most neighborhoods in city.

        Not sure what you've tried downtown, but one of my favorites is Typhoon on Western just below the hill climb of the Market. Upscale,creative Thai food.

        Neighborhoods near you, International District. Start at Ujamaya and sample. Do a search of the board for dim sum and other Chinese favorites. Over at 12th and Jackson is a bunch of Vietnamese restaurants to sample.

        Capitol Hill. Broadway has tons of inexpensive options ranging from burgers, to ethnic, to bar food. Dick's drive in is a Seattle classic with good greasy burgers, shakes, fries. The DeLuxe has good bar food and beer. Also on Capitol Hill is Baguette Box (just across I-5 from downtown on Pine. Vietnamese sandwiches with a twist. Owned by the brother of Monsoon (also in this neighborhood over on 19th) right on the 12 line.

        Madison Valley/Madison Park has a restaurant row with places like Cafe Flora (vegetarian), Nishino (sushi, can get expensive), Harvest Vine (Spanish tapas) a bit overrated but very popular, Rover's classic French.

        Fremont, just north of the ship canal, has more Thai restaurants per capita than any other neighborhood and a funky vibe and public art like the Waiting for the InterUrban, the Troll, the rocket, the Lenin statue, etc. Good authentic Mexican at El Camino, sandwiches at El Paseo, inexpensive Kaitan style sushi at Blue C, PCC market, 35th Street Bistro.

        1. Within easy bus range, or even walking if you like to walk, are Capitol Hill and the International District.
          ID: Green Leaf, Szechuan Noodle Bowl, Samurai Ramen, Seven Stars Pepper, Tamarind Tree, Malay Satay Hut. All quite inexpensive and delicious and much written about (here, reviews, etc) if you want details.

          Capitol Hill: Cafe Presse, Licorous (drinks and some small plates), Lark (pricey), Baguette Box, Vivace Roasteria (just coffee). I'm sure there are more good places on the hill that a neighborhood resident can tell you about, but those are the places that have been destinations for me. I've heard great things about Quinn's and Dinette but haven't personally been.

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            I'd add dim sum as Jade Garden and pho at Pho Bac to your list of ID recommendations and heartily endorse Dinette on cap hill. (The latter's on Olive Way just south of the intersection of Olive and Denny, a pretty easy walk from downtown for someone used to walking)