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Brooklyn restaurant for group of 7 on budget

Hi My family is vacationing in Park Slope (one block from F-train) for the New Years holiday and are on a budget. We would like to find a restaurant in Brooklyn that has ambience, is somewhat inexpensive, (<$20 pp) and could accomidate a group of 7. 2 Of the 7 are vegetarian. BYOB would be a huge plus. And somewhat accessible from F-Train route. Lucali's sounds great ($4 corkage) but not sure if we could get a table for 7..
(BTY:Is it true you have to go to manhattan to get to Williamsburg from Park Slope?)

Thanks for any info.

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  1. I won't speak to the restaurants (I would just say go buy some wine at Big Nose Full Body or Prospect and order in!! but there are others here who can better address those needs) -- but you can get to Wburg via the G train, which you can catch on the same platform at Bergen or Carroll streets (others too, but these are underground). Take the G to Lorimer, which'll get you to a certain part of Wburg, but if you want to hit Bedford, you can either walk from there or take the L train one stop to Bedford.

    1. You can eat very well in Park Slope, but you'll have a hard time on New Year's Eve finding a place that works with your budget. Do a search of this board for restaurants in the Slope. The subject comes up often.

      1. I didn't even see that you were asking for New Year's -- you might check with some of the Chinese places and see if they'll let you bring your own (Red Hot on 10th St. and 7th Avenue) doesn't serve alcohol as far as I know, so they may let you BYOB, but other than that? I can't think of a place that you'd be able to eat for that little money on New Year's.

        Is it an option for you all to cook? Are you staying in an apartment? Otherwise, i"d order up a mess of Chinese or Thai and bring in my own wine . . .

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          Yeah we have an apartment to stay in, we will definitely be cooking most of the time, but thought one or two nights out would be fun. Since posting, I've narrowed down some places that have BYOB .. Ivo & Lulu, La Sirene,(are these one in the same? ~same address?) & Tartine in West Village. any opinion would be helpful on these places! Thanks again

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            Just search the boards for info on any of them, but I'd be awfully surprised if they were within your $20 budget for New Year's. For that kind of money, you can really only eat at ethnic places in NYC . . .

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              Forget Tartine. It's a tiny place, always packed and it's out of your budget.

          2. First of all, I am intrigued by your "vacationing in Park Slope" statement!
            What qualifies as ambience for you? If you want true "Brooklyn Ambience" ( old school I mean), you may have change in your pocket when the meal is done. If you are looking for white table cloths and a place that understands what corkage is, that may be a different story. You could have a blast in Sunset Park/Chinatown in one of the Chinese halls ( change at 4th Ave for the R) or go to LB Spumoni Gardens for an Italian groanfest and finish with a spumonii dessert platter ( you can actually just take the F but you have less walking with the R to the N).
            Lots of ambience!

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              I guess I should clarify, we are vacationing in New York, staying at an apartment in Park Slope. By ambience I mean NOT stuffy, cold, bright or awkward. Or anything resembling a cafeteria. We love old school, warm, cozy, festive, a place where 7 lively, animated people can eat, talk, and be comfortable. And by under $20, I'm refering to entree PER person. Do restaurants in NYC charge higher prices for the holidays? Perhaps my quest for the perfect restaurant is too ambitious. :-) Maybe we should consider a bar w/ good food..
              Thanks carfreeinla for the tips!

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                First off, its good you clarified that $20 means entrees at 20 or below. That makes a HUGE diff.
                Secondly, Lucali's does take reservations for large parties but are you sure they are open for New Years?
                Thirdly, "Do restaurants in NYC charge higher prices for the holidays? " OF COURSE! Restaurants make a lot of money on New Years.

                I would say with a $20 entree cap, go to opentable.com and see what you get in Park Slope.

                Park Slope Ale House- pub grub, good beers, comfy
                Chip Shop- UK fish n chips, good beers, comfy

                I'll think of some others and get back.

                Seriously, go to opentable.com and see whats thre, you can click on menus and see your options.

                Good luck and welcome to NYC. This town ain't cheap. And on New Years?


              1. Did a prix fixe at Lunetta for 8 a couple months ago and it was great. I guess for 6+ people they always do a set menu. Lots of veggie options. Great amount of food. A good time was had by all. I think it was about $35 each without drinks but like I said... tons of food.

                And right on the F train.

                1. I don't know what they're doing for New Year's, but Song on Fifth Ave is very inexpensive and has a great, fun, lively atmosphere. It's definitely worth checking out.

                  1. It's not clear from your post -- are you looking for a place to eat out ON New Year's Eve? Or are you just here over the New Year's Holiday?

                    If you're eating at home some nights and out on others, I recommend eating at home on New Year's -- most places will be raising their prices for that night and a number drop their quality in an effort to serve so many people at once.

                    Beyond that, indeed Lucali is wonderful and convenient to the F train and will take a reservation most likely for your large party.

                    Also, Chestnut on Smith St is on the F train and has a $25 3 course prix fixe dinner every Tuesday through Thursday and it's an amazing value -- search this board for more on Chestnut.

                    Lastly, for a fun alternative, consider going out to Spicy and Tasty in Flushing, Queens. It will be a lot LESS than $25 per person and you can use the savings for a few cars to take you each way (or take the subway there and a car back). Search this board and The NY Times for more on Spicy & Tasty.

                    Oh, and welcome to New York!

                    1. Red Rose on Smith street. Ask for Santo to make reservation. Opens after 4PM. Ask for group booking including wine and beer, Family style. Should be about $25 a person plus tip. Dont know about NY eve but sure would take reservation for Sunday.Make sure you tell him you want some riceballs with the appertizers.

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                        Try Scalino on 7th Ave. & 10th Street. It is byob which will help keep your budget *close* to $20. pp. It is tiny, however; I would call ahead or stop in and take a look. It sounds as though you are staying within a block or two.

                      2. El Continental Restaurant, 4th ave and 19th street I think. Salvadorian restaurant (order Pupusas for the table) . depends what you call vegetarian. I think they have a decent seafood menu. I doubt they are BYOB, but you could ask. There might be some Chinese places that are BYOB.

                        Check a subway map I think G goes to Wburg, Going though Manhattan does not ad much time to the trip. Bus might be interesting.

                        1. Pacificana in Sunset Park is a wonderful restaurant, big, casual, with great Chinese food. You can have a wonderful meal at Yemen Cafe on Atlantic Ave for under $20, and many large families like to eat there. They have delicious lamb but also some vegetarian plates. They don't serve alcohol; I'm not sure whether you can bring your own. Another great place is Tanoreen, a Palestinian restaurant in Bay Ridge. Inexpensive, delicious, friendly.

                          1. So . . . am interested in hearing where you all ended up?

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                              Thanks eveybody for your help! We got in late sat. night, decided to walk to Watana in Park Slope on 7th Ave. They were able to accomidate all 7 of us right away even tho the place was almost full. Good lighting, good music. Excellent service, even better food. Green mango salad, thai-style calamari, seitan basil (best I've ever had), eggplant ,fried snapper, tofu red curry, veg. dumplings... everything was excellent. The waiter even offered us the recipe for 2 dishes we couldn't stop raving about. We ordered 4 apps, 3 soups, 6 entrees. It was also BYOB w/ no corkage. After eating & drinking too much, the bill w/ tip was $15 each! It was by far the best dining experience we had in Brooklyn. We also ate at Angelica's Kitchen in (LES) it was also BYOB and accomidated us w/ in 30 min. on Sun. evening. The food was good, but nothing too exciting. I think it was $11 per person, but the portions were much smaller and we were less hungry then the previous night. The rest of the trip, we ate at corner pizzerias, and deli's. One early morning we stumbled upon Terrace Bagels on Prospect Park, I'm not usually a fan of bagels, but one bite, and I was hooked. Just to verify, the following two mornings we ordered more and everybody agreed about how good they were (something about NY bagels :-) ) I wish we had more time to check out all the other places, but somehow time passes you by in NYC. Thanks again to all the recommendations.