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Unfortunately, my family and I are spending our days at the U of C hospitals, visiting my father. As food is a comfort, yet a burden to prepare these days... I would be grateful if anyone could suggests any tasty places within walking distance of the hospital complex for a convenient lunch. Anything from sandwiches, a hot dog, ethnic etc... Cheap and fast is good. I'm getting tired of au bon pain.

many thanks

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  1. My usual comfort lunch is a large, cheap plate of something from Noodles, Etc., followed by a Mexicana milkshake from the Med bakery next door. They're a straight shoot from the hospitals down 57th street (about a 15 minute walk?). For quick and cheap in the University area, it's definitely yummy enough.

    Good luck to your father!

    1. So sorry to hear about your troubles. After living in the HP for four years, I know a few places that are hard to miss, all these places should be within 2 miles of the hospital.

      Caffe Florian - Pizzas and traditional italian, the pies are good and they will deliver
      1450 E 57th St, Chicago, IL
      (773) 752-4100

      Rajun Cajun - mix of Indian and Cajun food, in a buffet style. Really good naan.
      1459 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL
      (773) 955-1145

      Lung Wah Chop Suey - Generic chinese take out, but I got addicted to their shrimp fried rice (this from a girl who's grown up on her mother's fried rice).
      1368 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL
      (773) 324-0429

      Istria Cafe - Yummy gelato to take the edge off.
      1520 E 57th St, Chicago, IL
      (773) 955-2556

      Seoul Corea Restaurant Inc - More authentic asian than the previous mention.
      1603 E 55th St, Chicago, IL
      (773) 288-1795

      Nile Restaurant - Middle eastern and killer falafel
      1611 E 55th St, Chicago, IL
      (773) 324-9499

      Hope your father gets better soon!

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        I'd like to second the Seoul Corea recommendation. It's a tiny hole in the wall with about three tables, but I think it's probably my favorite restaurant in Hyde Park, and one of my favorite Korean restaurants in general.

      2. For good hamburgers, salads, and excellent pan pizza (available in single portions), try the Medici, right next to the Med bakery mentioned above

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          Looks as if Medici Cafe is closed for renovation for a short period. Noodles and Edwardo's (stuffed pizza) tho are practically next-door.

        2. once classes restart, you'll be able to go to the university's coffee shops, particularly the one in Cobb. it's right across the street from the hospital complex, and it serves both cold sandwiches and salads and hot entrees from a lot of hyde park restaurants. it's in the basement of Cobb, or ask any student (or hospital employee, I would imagine).

          1. Is Ribs and Bibs still around on South Dorcester?

            1. Sorry to hear about your father and I can certainly understand how you'd grow tired of Au Bon Pain.

              For something incredibly close, the salad bar in the main hospital cafeteria (Mitchell) is pretty good as is a lot of their other food.

              Your best bet for something very close to the hospital is walking out of the "Surgery Brain" lobby and into the campus quadrangle. Your second building on the right will be the Divinity School and they have a terrific selection of ethnic food from a variety of neighboring restaurants. It's in the basement of the building.

              For something a bit further away, most of the suggestions below are spot on, especially Seoul Corea which does a great bi bim bop.

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                The Seminary Coop (mentioned above in the Divinity School) is great lots of options, good prices. I'm not sure it's open while the school is on vacation though.

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                  Good catch. I forgot school was currently out.

              2. I spent most of the year dealing with my mom's cancer. The food court on the second floor of DCAM (Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine) on 58th and Cottage Grove is pretty decent.

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                  if you like reasonably healthy fare, i frequently ordered from pockets on 53rd street in school at u of c as well. they deliver for a pretty nominal fee and their salads and calzones are generally palatable. pocketsonline.com.
                  good luck