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Oct 17, 2000 04:59 AM

Help in San Francisco! Dinner for 15 people this Thurs. night near Union Square

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This is my first post, and I've been reading the great stuff for some time and need some advice.

I need to make reservations for this Thursday night for 15 people. I'm looking to get a nice place that we can have a good time while enjoying a quality meal (Ameriacan style, Japanese, Seafood, etc..). Since we are all staying in Union Square, something within 10-20 minutes would be ideal (would the Wharf be good?). Even better if anyone has suggestion on private / party rooms and such...just need lots of help as if you couldn't tell. Thanks in advance :)...


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  1. If you care about good food at all, stay away from Fisherman's Wharf- it's where bad food goes to die. All the places there are serving overpriced stuff to tourists and trying to turn the tables as fast as possible- you will not get a relaxed meal.

    If you really want a water view, I suggest Scoma's, which is on a pier East of Fisherman's Wharf. The seafood and steaks are good and the place has plenty of atmosphere. The simple items, cioppino, chowder, steaks, and seafood are very good, but based on my experiences you should get wary when they get fancy. This is one of the two waterfront restaurants in SF that has a sizeable local clientele...and I can't remember the name of the other one, which is in a dicey neighborhood near the commercial wharves.

    If you want old-fashioned San Francisco style, try Alfred's, a place that has been in the business since about 1920. Alfred's moved from their original location on Broadway into an odd location on Merchant Alley in Chinatown, but according to my attorney who dined there last night the steaks and sides are still superlative. (The place they moved into used to house the Blue Fox, once the most expensive restaurant in San Francisco, and the room reportedly still has a dash of the old grandeur.)

    If you want something a bit more modern in an atmosphere that is still stylish, try Tadich's or Sam's Grill. I don't know if either have private rooms, though.

    Say, isn't there a Chowhound board for San Francisco? Maybe you should post this question there...

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      thank you for the advice...and I also posted on the SF chowhound board.