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Truffles, anyone?

Can anyone steer me to the best places to buy REAL truffles?

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  1. If you're interested in domestic truffles, which really have improved the last couple of years, the "mushroom guy" at the Hollywood Farmers Market sells them. I've had good luck there. Also, the "real thing" is available at the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, though at a premium price. But then....it's truffles.

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      He had white and black at the Saturday SM farmer's market on Arizon this weekend. One woman was buying a HUGE bunch. I could smell them from three feet away. They looked glorious!

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        Thanks. I need some for New Year's dinner. Somehow truffle oils are not the same.

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          We bought some domestic white truffles from him this morning, and they smell fantastic. I can't wait to try them tomorrow.

        2. I have been looking also, and was told at Surfas that they get them periodically and to call. White truffles are apparently double the usual price this year due to a warm winter.

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            boozoo is a very New Orleans, Louisiana name. Are you of that kind or do you listen to Beau Jocque as much as I do?

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              Shel E.-
              I am an L.A. girl who just loves New Orleans. I go to Jazz Fest most years. Boozoo is a reference to the zydeco king.

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                Thanks for the enlightenment. I have several zydeco albums which get played quite a bit. My wife and I went to NO and Lafayette for the first time last January. We had a blast. Have you ever been to Grant Music Hall in downtown Lafayette?

          2. You can buy them directly from the source: Urbani

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